Despite a higher price, PlayStation 5 sales in the United Kingdom are at an all-time high

Despite a higher price, PlayStation 5 sales in the United Kingdom are at an all-time high

Despite a recent price rise, Sony has now sold 2 million units of its PlayStation 5 console in the United Kingdom.

This number took 98 weeks to reach, in line with sales of the PS3 and making it the UK''s fourth fastest-selling console.

The console has been hampered with stock shortage concerns and remains in high demand. This is despite a price rise for UK consumers in August, which Sony blamed on inflation.

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The PS5 has surpassed 919 million subscribers for the past two million units sold over the last 98 weeks. According to GfK data, the average price of the console is 455 (data from

"Given the possibility that PS5 would have easily surpassed PS3 to 2 million units," said GfK''s chief executive. "One thing that is clear is the significantly higher price of PS5 has not obstructed sales, with consumers willing to pay the 105 premium shown on the average price of both consoles over this 2m unit period. PS5 has produced the highest revenue for any console at two million units."

The Wii, which sold for two million copies in the United Kingdom, was the fastest selling console to the masses, followed by the PS2 (60 weeks), PS4 (75 weeks), and both the PS5 and PS3 (98 weeks).

The Xbox One took 104 weeks, but the Switch took 140 weeks. The Xbox Series X/S is yet to hit two million units sold.

"Xbox One was to be two million people in 104 weeks, in exactly two years, and Xbox 360 took 110 weeks, which was 2.12 years. Although Xbox 360 was slower to this level than Xbox One, it was still Microsoft''s biggest update, with around nine million people in the United Kingdom," said Bloch.

"The Switch took a relatively long time to reach two million units sold at 2.69 years," says the new owner. However, with the introduction of Switch Lite after 2.5 years and the subsequent massive boost the console received after the COVID-19 Lockdown, plus the fact that system-seller Zelda will launch next year, the Switch is poised to add decent numbers to the installation base."

It''s also looking for PS5 sales as the stock has increased by 400 percent in the United States - just in time for God of War Ragnarok''s release.

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