Onesports of the Commonwealth Games are made U-turn

Onesports of the Commonwealth Games are made U-turn

The Commonwealth Games in 2026 will not take place in Victoria, Australia.

The shocking U-turn follows the completion of the 2022 Games held in Birmingham.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (GF) and the Global Esports Federation have co-financed the pilot. At the time, the CGF called the pilot a success and said future games will be held.

When asked by BBC News, the CGF, the GEF, and the 2026 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee all refused to provide an explanation for the U-turn.

However, a source told the BBC that topical doping played a major role in the decision, mainly of concerns over the necessity of establishing a year-round drugs testing program that might be too bleak.

In competitive gaming events, the use of prescription medications such as Adderall to enhance performance has become a common concern.

In July 2022, the CGF signed a long-term partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency. However, none of the 100 players at the 2022 pilot event was pharma tested.

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