I cant believe I'm saying this, but I miss loot boxes in Overwatch2

I cant believe I'm saying this, but I miss loot boxes in Overwatch2

Back in June, we learned that Overwatch 2 would abandon its controversial loot boxes. Why not, the industry is recognized, and many countries around the world have decreed that loot boxes equate to gambling, with the UK government demanding that publishers put legislation in place to protect children from the harmful consequences. 18 European countries have also supported loot box regulations.

Overwatch, one of the most popular games that used loot boxes in the first place to renege and opt for the battle pass (like in Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and others besides), was a significant change. Seismic. It had the potential to rewrite the rule book, set a precedent for responsible and engaging progress while simultaneously monetizing the game. Instead, the implementation of the battle pass has been one of the worst I have ever seen in a game.

Overwatch is dead. It''s offline, supplanted, and replaced with Overwatch 2. The way you used to earn cosmetics and goods for your various heroes by opening loot boxes and getting randomised rewards has been replaced with two tracks of a battle pass (one paid, one free).

Upon landing on Reddit, a user identified u/Autumn_hi calculated how much it would take you a ludicrous five years of game time to earn all of new hero Kirikos stuff. This means you can earn up to 60 coins per week bycompleting 11 challenges, but nabbing 15,600 to get all of her gear will, naturally, take you 260 weeks of good playing.

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If you fell in love with Kiriko, bought your hands on her and immediately thought you know what, yes, I will highlight this support hero for life, and you might decide to take a shortcut and instead pay about 130 or real money to unlock coins and purchase the cosmetics on that path.

All players are on the lookout for the same cosmetics before the end of the season. Compared to the moltenness of the first game, where everyone was running around in whatever skins they got from RNGsus, the progression is expected to be somewhat over.

I hate loot boxes, but I think it was harmful to children and those with addictive personalities (hey, I have ADHD and 100% fall into the compulsive side of things when it comes to loot boxes), and I still miss how Blizzard offered you them for free; a couple of matches a day, a cheeky win here and there, and youd soon have a few boxes to open, and enough currency to pick up the one skin youve been wanting.

Overwatch and other stores were sorting out loot boxes; even casual players would end up getting Legendary and Epic level skins if they played semi-regularly. Imagine how much Blizzard has had to miss the mark here, despite completing terrible challenges. It would be wonderful if it wasnt so invasive.

the fact that we will never see lootboxes again overwatch makes the soul #overwatch #Overwatch2 pic.twitter.com/KUjaESYEEr

In Overwatch 2, there is quite a clear update that will match a sort-of best of both worlds compromise. Unlike loot boxes, they are effective at allowing you to receive three or four notable legacy rewards at semi-regular intervals, while while also giving you morale boosts as you play. This would aid you in maintaining the success of your time, while also increasing the likelihood that you''re getting rewarded for your time.

The service games evolve, and there''s a good possibility Blizzard will tweak its stance on F2P monetization down the line and inject some reason back into the sequel''s development and value. A cursory glance on Reddit or Twitter will show you that people are unimpressed with the quality of rewards and their actual value.

Loot boxes are a bad topic in gaming right now and rightly. They have been developed in a very predatory and greedy manner by developers. However, they can be used as a way to incentivise players and incentivise you to diversify your play styles. In the near future, Overwatch 2 might have a chance at delaying the damage caused by its disastrous launch.

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