Microsoft and Sony's efforts to get Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus games might be a surprise

Microsoft and Sony's efforts to get Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus games might be a surprise

We finally got an insight into how much Microsoft earns from its Xbox Game Pass service if you''re fancy owing to some data from Brazil''s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (or CADE, if you''re fancy) gathered from the data, it was revealed that Xbox Game Pass generated $2.9 billion from consoles in 2021 (not including Xbox Game Pass for PC).

As part of Microsoft''s subscription program, Chris Charla has admitted to paying developers and publishers "hundreds of millions of dollars" in Game Pass license fees since the subscription service first came to our consoles in 2017, however, we have never imagined a specific figure to attach to Xbox Game Pass or Microsoft''s subscription service competitor, PS Plus.

However, the situation has changed here, according to Kotaku''s reporter. Snail Games USA, the company behind Ark: Survival Evolved, has submitted a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Twitter. It provides an insight into how many platform holders are paying to feature titles in their monthly line-ups and services.

Sony paid $3.5 million to make ARK: Survival Evolved a March PS Plus game. Microsoft paid $2.5 million to keep it on Game Pass for the first half of this year, and $2.3 million to make ARK 2 available when it starts.

Ark had a chance to claim for five weeks between March 1 and April 4, according to the information below, and that in that timeframe, Sony paid $3.5 million.

Microsoft, meanwhile, paid slightly less $2.5 million to include the game on Game Pass for the first half of 2022, and a further $2.3 million to include ARK 2 in the service when it begins in 2023.

If you''re wondering why Microsoft paid less, then you may argue that once the game leaves Game Pass, players will have to pay for it again, even if they have a Game Pass membership. PlayStation Plus Essential subs will be able to play it as long as they keep their subscription, resulting in (potentially) less sales overall on the platform for the foreseeable. Snail Games is worth $1 million.

This is the first time a developer or platform owner has given us a figure for PS Plus and Game Pass fees (intentionally or not), and it''s quite clear how will another company knowing that Microsoft offered $2.3 million for ARK 2 alter how decisions will be made in the future?

Ark: Survival Evolved, and its as-yet-unreleased sequel, might be outliers for the services, and how much money between publishers and Sony/Microsoft, and other agreements with studios and publishers may be significantly higher or significantly lower.

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