With Steam's most recent mobile appupdate, remote downloads have arrived

With Steam's most recent mobile appupdate, remote downloads have arrived

Valve has released a significant revamp to the Steam mobile app for the better. The update is now available on iOS and Android, and it follows Steam''s modern design language.

This new version, which includes quality of life tweaks, and additional security and convenience enhancements, is bundled in. Most existing features, with one exception.

The most important feature of the Steam mobile app is the ability to queue downloads and updates remotely to your PC, if it''s on and you''re already connected to Steam. It''s about time that the feature is coming to PC.

The app remains the largest reason to get Steam Guard codes, but Valve is making it more interesting thanks to the addition of QR code scanning. Simply point your phone''s camera at the PC to sign into it, without having to enter your username and password.

You may also accept or reject a sign in from your phone. This is because you prefer to use Steam on multiple machines, and there''s a much simpler way to autonomie devices and avoid logging yourself out of them.

The store, community, and news are all still available, and you may even customize them now. The Library screen has been updated so that it can offer a similar experience to the one on desktop. Similar, expect a more traditional Store experience on mobile thanks to the same update.

Both trade and Steam Market confirmations remain, and you may now customize the notifications you receive from the various sources on the app: sales, trades, friends requests, etc. Finally, the Steam mobile app now supports multiple accounts for those who have several accounts.

The old app says that chat is gone, but you may continue the conversation in the dedicated Steam chat app. That has always existed, but is now necessary if you want a similar experience to what you can do on your desktop. Valve also upgraded the chat app to bring its design closer to the rest of the stack.

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