Coral Island's early access review: a pretty Stardew-like structure that makes farming somewhat easier

Coral Island's early access review: a pretty Stardew-like structure that makes farming somewhat easi

Coral Island self-described as a "reimagining of farming games," but since we''re real, the Stardew Valley model has almost the same structure as Stardew Valley, and the tasks you do - growing stuff, keeping animals, making friendships with locals, and exploring a mine five levels at a time, and appeasing local spirits by giving them bundles of other crops - will also be quite familiar to any DewHeads (that''s what we call ourselves).

Coral Island isn''t bad, but it''s all in very beautiful bouncy 3D, and I found the island setting (which influences the fauna, fauna, and architecture in general) less like work. Combined with a sense of environmentalism weaving through the game, and the fact that Coral Island is slightly easier than Stardew Valley, you feel like you''re doing more progress in less time. This is the game for you.

You turn up, bedungaree''d, and raring to go, on an unused farm lot. Often, you can roam around the world about your to-do list, which starts with basic concepts (meet 20 people!) but can eventually be as varied as you see fit. Perhaps you want to get seasonal seeds from the local store, ore from the rancher. You''re restricted from becoming an unstoppable Terminator-esque turnip processor by, firstly, most things you do causing

I''m not sure I ever purchased a farm that I was proud of in Stardew Valley; I never had regular income high enough, but I never had the time to do all I needed, and I''m constantly making more. It''s not to say that you can''t drill into the complex of seed growth cycles, determine where and when you fish, and set up production lines of picking seaweed. However, there are certain changes to ensure that you keep things in line.

These are not big scales, but they help you increase levels in your activity, such as Skyrim style, and you can increase percentage chance abilities like your crops will remain watered overnight, or that you''ll receive double resources from harvesting. Coral Island is a magical fast travel system that expands once you do more, enabling you to make more progress every day. So when you''re exploring in the mine dungeons, fending off spiders and blobs with sword swings does not consume energy

While it''s possible that the last one is a bug, Coral Island is becoming more open, and some ideas, from "eh" to "that''s annoying." Some of the HUD''s main chests, however, have been empty, so you must go into the menus and manually move them around. I''ve also been unable to travel across a wide area every time.

I''ve buried the lede a bit, because just one brand new thing is clearing up the seabed. A toxic oil storm has left it in a state, and you''re encouraged to go down there and sort it out. In fact, the way it''s folded into the larger ecosystem of the game is really clever, because Coral Island makes you crave trash. Trash is one of the most useful resources in the game.

Recycling trash is a dependable method to obtain fertiliser, particularly when it comes to local produce, and it is also a fast way to get rid of waste. Coral Island has a distinct approach to making local produce, which includes many options, but there is no need for anyone to be a proponent. If you don''t feel altruism, please call (703) 877-4998, or email

Coral Island deserves some credit for working on it, as well as the changes that vary between seasons, how I got to know different characters, and how stunning everything looks when it rains. There are also bugs that can be squashed here and there, although it feels pretty mature on the vine for an early access game. Depending on how difficult it is to get glass, Coral Island may be the trash covered paradise you need.

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