Things you didn't know about Lucy Pargeter's Emmerdale character

Things you didn't know about Lucy Pargeter's Emmerdale character

Lucy Pargeter is one of the most famous soap names, having played Chas Dingle as a feisty bar manager since 2002.

Chas has been a part of some of the show''s most important roles for over two decades. During her two decades in the Dales, she''d endured numerous difficult relationships, was a murder suspect, battled with depression, and died of her infant daughter''s devastating loss.

Lucy''s portrayal of her character has wowed fans around the world, and in 2019 she deservedly received the Best Actress gong at the British Soap Awards.

What do we know about the star who was featured on our screens these past 20 years?

1.Her parents supported her acting dreams

Lucy Kate Pargeter was born on 1st March 1977 in Nottingham, England. Following her first training at the Central Junior Television Workshop, she then attended the New College.

Lucy''s parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams in an interview with The Express. "They agreed to be flexible and stay open to it. "They supported you until it happens."

Lucy appeared in and played Helen Raven in the short-lived revival of ITV soap before she appeared.

2.She''''s a former pop star

Lucy was a member of Paperdolls, a girl group toured with Boyzone. In 1998, their debut single ''Gonna Make You Blush,'' which unfortunately failed to reach audiences, was released.

Lucy, however, has nothing but great memories of her time in the band, declaring: "It was a laugh. We went from thinking we were just a few girls getting together and performing a few songs, to getting signed by a record label and touring. It was a pleasure."

Lucy has also shown off her singing skills on performing as Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and in 2016 she appeared in the reality singing competition S, finishing in a very honorable third place.

3.She has a secret talent for horse riding

Claire King (aka Kim Tate) isn''t the only person on the show who has equestrian abilities. She also has a passion for horse riding, having first saddled up as a kid.

"Not a lot of people know this," she said in a conversation with The Express. My family bred horses and showed ponies, so I began riding very early. Although I currently have no horse, Lola (her teenage daughter) and I used to go once a week.

4.She''''s a mum to three girls

Lucy is married to her three daughters Lola, 17, and Missy, a five-year-old twin, who she was diagnosed with IVF treatment. Rudi Coleano, a former girlfriend, met her in 2019 but she became a member of the family.

Lucy asked Rudi two weeks after their first meeting, but despite their 12-year relationship, the couple never agreed to tie the knot. Back in 2012, she admitted: "While we were here, let''s do it," Lucy said: "Oh god god bless. "

5.She was an immigrant in I''m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

When Lucy took part in the thirteenth edition of! in 2013, she was afraid of creepy crawlies.

Lucy made her journey to the jungle by jumping out of a helicopter that she later admitted was the bravest thing she''s ever done, and entering the camp on day one as part of the Croc Creek team.

Lucy took part in a number of bizarre competitions, winning 17 stars out of a range of her fellow hungry campmates. She was also well-known, finishing in third place behind designer David Emanuel and eventual winner, and King of the Jungle, Westlife singer Kian Egan.

Lucy said in her departure remarks with show hosts Ant and Dec: "I''m so happy right now. I just can''t wait to have a bath and get my roots fixed."

6.She wouldn''''t follow in Chas''''s footsteps

Chas, Lucy''s character, was left reeling this year when she was forced to quit as the landlady of The Woolpack. However, it wasn''t long before she was back behind her beloved pub, this time as the manager of the village boom.

Chas ticks by pulling pints and keeping punters in check, but Lucy insists she is far too spooky and disorganised to eat a pub.

When I was traveling to Gran Canaria as a very small person, she told What To Watch. I was dragging people into restaurants and feeding them with alcohol, but I was certain I drank more than I expected!

She also believes she''d make a nasty landlady: I''d be too spongy to work behind a bar now, I''d get stuck in someones conversation and then forget everyone else. I also don''t think I''m too organised to work behind a bar.

7.She''''d love to star in a period drama

Lucy has admitted that if she wasn''t in, she''d prefer to try her hand at period drama.

During a conversation with OK! she said: "I want to be in, but as one of the clowns, in those amazing suits and caps. So I''d change my gender and be a Peaky Blinder. Or something period-y, so you might wear the most amazing outfits and pretend you owned this massive stately house."

Lucy Pargeter''''s fact file

Frequently asked questions about the star

Lucy Pargeter, 45, was born on 1st March 1977.

In 2019, No. Lucy was separated from her long-term girlfriend Rudi Coleano.

Lucy has three daughters with Rudi, her former partner, Lola, 17-year-old and five-year-old twins Missy and Betsy.

Lucy Pargeter was born in Nottingham.

Lucy is a five-foot six-inch tall.

@lucyparge on Twitter

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