Things You Didn't Know About Katherine Dow Blyton the Emmerdale star

Things You Didn't Know About Katherine Dow Blyton the Emmerdale star

Katherine Dow Blyton has played Harriet Finch as a policewoman in the year 2013 and her character has certainly expanded much into those nine events.

Harriet was initially a police detective, then became the soap''s second cousin, Edna Birch, and soon became the village vicar. However, as viewers soon learned, Reverend Finch was not exactly holier than thou.

Harriet hid out the murder of DI Malone, a corrupt cop who left the church. After arriving, Harriet got back to policing, resulting in a shady relationship with Will Taylor and his ex-fiancee, Kim Tate.

Harriet is a popular among the fans, but what you should know about the actress who plays her? Let us know...

1.Katherine''''s related to author Enid Blyton

Katherine Dow Blyton was born on 20 November 1964 and was raised in Jarrow, North East England. While she was pregnant with her, Katherine''s mother appeared in a production of Shakespeare''s A Midsummer Night''s Dream. "I like to think the grease paint soaked through," Katherine joked in an interview.

Katherine is distantly related to Enid Blyton, the legendary children''s writer who wrote and written and directed and created the much-loved character Noddy.

Katherine was asked about her famous ancestor by hosts Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford on May 20th, and she revealed: "Enid Blyton was a cousin of my grandpa."

2.Her first job was at a greengrocers

Katherine may be a famous soap star right now, but her first payoff was not quite as glamourous as she was as a kid. Katherine worked at a local greengrocers close to where she grew up, making only five people a day.

3.She has starred in major television dramas.

Katherine''s pre-soap CV included several iconic nineties and midnines dramas.

Katherine got her first television appearance as a doctor in a dark crime series. Parts in and soon followed, and in 1996, Katherine got her first film role in which starred actors such as Ewan McGregor and Tara Fitzgerald.

Katherine has also appeared in and. And fans might also remember her playing Chrissie in four episodes of Channel 4''s.

4.She''s been on Coronation Street four times!

Fans of Eagle-eyed will know that Katherine isn''t Katherine''s first guest on HBO. In fact, the actress has appeared in four different roles.

In July 1996, Katherine was back on the cobbles, this time as Dr Groves, and in 1999 she was another medic. In 2001, she had an episode as Liz Morrisey, a building manager for the Rosamund Street Medical Centre, and her last appearance in Weatherfield was in 2007.

Katherine also made a stage appearance in August 2010 when she appeared in a production based on Britain''s longest-running soap. The theatre show, titled Corrie, was created to commemorate the cobbles'' 50th anniversary and enned by Johnathan Harvey.

5.She''''s also starred in Hollyoaks

Katherine was formed during thecast in 2001 and 2005, jokingly with Sally Hunter, a secondary school science teacher. She was played the mother of Lisa Hunter, played by Gemma Atkinson, and Lee Hunter, played by Alex Carter, both of whom have both been in charge.

Katherine travelled to Merseyside for her four-year stint on the soap, and she has never been far enough away from her travels. In a chat with ECHO (opens in a new tab), she explained why the city is so special to her: "We used to drink locally, so we would often be in the Penny Lane. It''s great for a night out, and great for people who I''m still in touch with right now."

6.She''''s got abeloved pet dog

Katherine is a jovial pup to Dexter, her beloved pet pooch, whom she often shared pictures of on her Twitter account, much to the delight of her followers.

Dexter posted a photo of him having a bath and captioned it: "Many Dexter, with a little help, is following the guidelines #washyourpaws...or you can get your dad to do it x."

The actress divorces her boyfriend, but closely guards her private life, thus the identity of her partner is unknown.

Even Dexter, who has gotten some help, is following the #washyourpaws guidelines...or have your dad doing it x 24, 2020

7.She''''s not a fan of Harriet''''s latest look

Katherine received the request to say that she''d won the role of vicar Harriet, so she decided she needed to make plans for the role.

"I bought a Bible," she said in an interview with Matthew Rolland. "I''m not religious at all, but I wanted her (Harriet) to be very flawed and human. I wanted her to make mistakes at The Woolpack and make a fool of herself."

Harriet earns her crust as a copper, but Katherine isn''t quite keen on her character''s uniform. She told ECHO: "It''s is the most uncomfortable costume I have ever worn. I take my hat off to police men and women because it''s a must-have to be concealed. It weighs a ton and isn''t at all flattering."

Katherine Dow Blyton''''sfact file

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the star...

Katherine Dow Blyton was born on 20th November 1964.

Katherine is very sensitive to her personal life, but has found out she has a boyfriend.

Katherine Dow Blyton does not have any children.

Katherine Dow Blyton was born in Jarrow, in the North East England.

@BlytonDow on Twitter

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