On October 15, who will be hosting Saturday Night Live?

On October 15, who will be hosting Saturday Night Live?

Who is taking their way to Studio 8H this week to take on hosting? Who is going to be on board as the musical guest for this week''s episode?

Season 48 is here, and it''s time to get the laughs again. While this season is the first in a long time without vets like Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson, new faces are becoming more prominent roles, the long-running sketch series is still rolling along attempting to make us all laugh with either on-topic political satires or off-the-wall crazy ideas (check out some of our favorite season 48 sketches). That includes having a new celebrity each week in attendance.

So, who will be the guest of the next episode on October 8. Let''s look at it.

On October 15, who will host Saturday Night Live?

When Megan Thee Stallion can do both, who will need a separate host and musical guest? On the October 15 episode of as host (first time) and musical guest

The Grammy winner was released her latest album in August, while she made a cameo for the Disney Plus Marvel series.

A couple of promotions have been released for the last episode, one in the traditional notion of having the host do some quick quibs with a cast member (in this case with Heidi Gardner), but there''s also another one with Sarah Sherman that is bit... we''ll just say less odd.

Saturday Night Live is a Saturday Night Live musical guest for October 15th.

For this week''s episode of. Megan Thee Stallion will be as host and musical guest.

On NBC, it runs on Saturdays at 11:30 pm ET/8:30 pm PT and can be seen the next day on Peacock.

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