Fans of Strictly Come Dancing want Will Mellor to come home!

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing want Will Mellor to come home!

People have admitted that they are dissatisfied with Will Mellor''s return!

The rumba of Will did not appear in this week''s episode of.

Instead, it''s because poor Will''s been struck down by the flu and he''s so poor that fans are worried about him!

This week, Will managed a few rehearsals of his rumba with his partner Nancy Xu, because he was envious of the weather.

This week, he did almost neopast out to the live show!

Luckily for the fans, he dragged himself out of his sickbed and took to the dance floor to showcase his actions.

Despite the lack of rehearsals, the viewers were stunned by how much he had made it.

Faced with how unsatisfactory he was, they approached social media to praise the former star for he being professional and doing his dance well.

Will and Nancy had "smashed it," according to one fan!

Lurgy will continue to destroy it #StrictlyOctober 15, 2022

Despite being flu-trained, Will Mellor handled everything. You couldn''t say he hadn''t done much training. He deserves comprehensive marks. #StrictlyOctober 15, 2022

Although he was slammed by the curse #strictlyOctober 15, 2022, he cannot believe it.

Although Will received praise from the spectators, the judges were not so impressed. Craig only gave Will a 4, while Shirley gave him 5. And the viewers were shocked!

Craig and Shirley scored more than Will certainly. #StrictlyOctober 15, 2022

Fans were pleading with their fellow viewers to vote for Will to ensure he does not have to dance off.

Instead, they said they wanted to ensure that he was able to go home where he might be tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and a Lemsip!

I was a bit dubious about Wills rumba''s premise, but that was quite moving #Strictly (Please dont put him in the dance off, he should be home in bed with a lemsip)October 15, 2022

Will appears to be having a hot water bottle and a bed, so I have no clue how he even managed to do that. I couldn''t even get to the studio if I had flu, nor did I practice AND dance to that standard. #StrictlyOctober 15, 2022

Will Will Will and his partner Nancy drop off during the dance? We''ll have to wait until the results show on Sunday to get a glimpse!

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