The Curse of Bridge Hollow: The Release Date, Cast, The Stage, and Everything We Know

The Curse of Bridge Hollow: The Release Date, Cast, The Stage, and Everything We Know

Netflix is coming in time for the Halloween season, and it''s a spooky film that the family may enjoy together!

The horor comedy, directed by Jeff Wadlow, follows a father and daughter duo as they fight to save their town from a curse that brings Halloween decorations to life, and results are horrifying.

Marlon Wayans stars Howard Gordon, a science teacher who doesn''t believe in the supernatural, but all that is on the way after he and his family move from Brooklyn to Bridge Hollowand a curse is accidentally unleashed.

This Halloween, if you''re looking for something scary but not scary, this might be the perfect entertainment.

Here''s all you need to know about the Netflix film...

The Curse of Bridge Hollow release date

The new film was available on Netflix on Friday, October 14. So it''s time to have any Halloween festivities you might''ve planned, or a cozy autumn night in!

What is the age rating for The Curse of Bridge Hollow?

The film has been given a TV-14 rating, which means it is suitable for most viewers, although some material might not be appropriate for children under the age of 14 due to the fact that there are some weird themes on the scene.

What is The Curse of Bridge Hollow about?

"A father and his teenage daughter Sydney are forced to connect and save their town in the wake of a cruel and cruel desire to come to life and destroy them," she says of the film''s official plot.

Sydney discovers that their house has a haunted history in the film, and finds an old lantern that accidentally unleashes the curse that sweeping across the whole town of Bridge Hollow. Oops...

As two Brooklyn residents try to save this small town from a curse on the most frightening night of the year: Halloween. They certainly didn''t sign up to protect the locals, but they have no choice!

The Curse of Bridge Hollow cast

Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson, both actors, are lead by Marlon, who has starred in this holiday film.

Kelly Rowland, star of PopPop, and star Lauren Lapkus, as well as " Dave Sheridan," will be interested in seeing what happens when all of these cast members are together.

Kelly Rowland took the stage on Instagram and told supporters that she enjoyed filming The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Check out the trailer and watch it go on@netflixOctober 14!

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Is there a trailer?

Yes, there''s a trailer for this new seasonal comedy, which looks like it''ll be a wild ride. In it, we see the central family coming to Bridge Hollow for a fresh start, and it''s already quite different to what they''re used to even before the curse comes to!

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