Who is the Mole? Our hypotheses about Netflix's reality TV reboot

Who is the Mole? Our hypotheses about Netflix's reality TV reboot

Everyone on the Netflix reboot has asked the same question: Who is the Mole?!

Like previous versions of the reality series, a group of total strangers is working together to complete missions in order to earn a cash prize. The problem is that only one of them will be walking away with the money.

Everyone in the group knows that one of them is really "The Mole," a unique double agent who must combat the rest of the group and remove them without damaging their cover.

Every individual contestant is suspicious of the rest of the group, constantly looking for clues about who the mole is.

As of the eighth episode, we''re down to just five candidates and we''re on the verge of discovering who will be leaving in the latest elimination. Whilst we wait for the final two episodes to air on Friday, October 21, we''ve combined our assumptions about who the most likely candidates for the mole might be.

*Preparingly big spoilers*

Who is the Mole on Netflix''s reality show?The last five suspects...

Is Joi the mole?

Joi was our main suspect at the end of the first five episodes, but now we''re not quite certain.

Although she tasked the group much more money before the start, and there were some extremely suspicious map-reading errors. We''d also point to how determined she was in episode 8''s hide-and-seek challenge in Sydney; this was a challenging task that she might easily have sabotaged if she was the mole.

Is Kesi the Mole?

Kesi, as it stands, is now our main suspect. In several of her previous roles, from the bank heist to the Great Barrier Reef challenge, she was not the most helpful team player, and her mistakes have continued to climb up, making it appear more and more like deliberate sabotage.

In the second batch of episodes, Joi''s hunches were ignored several times and almost tried to get her to two destinations, and she was billed $20,000 as a result of the fact that the team was thrown up together in episode 6.

Regardless, we know she''s already reached the final stages of the competition: will she prove to be the mole after all?

Is Avori the Mole?

Avori, a pro gamer, has adopted an unorthodox approach: she was deliberately dismissing herself from the start-up so that other people can vote for her so that they could be eliminated during quizzes.

This double bluff really only aids her to make it to the endgame if she isn''t the mole, but it might also make her a very effective Mole, as it makes it quite difficult to distinguish whether she''s actually mole or she''s just behaving like one.

Avori''s strategy has left the group more like a top candidate. In episode 8, when she failed to spot the phone number on the pizza box in the hide-and-seek challenge, she cost $10k; this event was unsuccessful... if this Avori''s attempt to sabotage the group, it was a suspicious slip-up!

Is Jacob the Mole?

Jacob remains in the clear. Despite his huge money-counting mistake in the bank heist mission and the fact that he has been part of a couple of poor teams, he still does not seem to be the top candidate for the mole.

The biggest conflict around Jacob was when Joi threw some serious shade at him during his most recent elimination. She publicly called him out in front of the rest of the group, and the pair exchanged harsh words.

After working alongside Kesi in the most recent task, Joi quickly reversed this claim. Plus, Greg revealed that Jacob was prominent on his personal list of suspects, and then he was eliminated from the show in episode 7, so does it mean Jacob is a true team player?

Is Will the Mole?

Will was one of the people we suspected to be the least to start with, and it remains to be true.

Despite that being said, he''s often one of the contestants to speak up while attempting to determine which teammate takes part in each challenge, which could be seen as attempting to manipulate the group. He was particularly upset not to finish the mountaineering task, simply because he couldn''t keep his eye on the others.

He''s been critical of his other teammates in comparison to his own abilities, but he has improved by adding a fair amount of money into the pot. Could this just be a double bluff to make the others trust him, so he can throw suspicion elsewhere?

Netflix has released a new quiz from which will once again help you examine your own ideas about the other candidates. To take it, head over to Tudum''s website. (Opens in a new tab)

Episodes 1-8 of the series are available on Netflix right now.

The last two episodes of the series will air on October 21.

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