subscribers of Walmart Plus may now receive free Paramount Plus membership

subscribers of Walmart Plus may now receive free Paramount Plus membership

Walmart Plus, Walmart''s $12.95-per-month package that allows you to get free delivery, no minimum spend on delivery, reward points, fuel discounts, and more, then you''ve just received another credit.

Paramount Plus is now included in your Walmart Plus subscription, which is for the essential section of the streaming service, which usually costs you $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, and allows you access to the Paramount Plus library and your local live CBS stations, but with advertising.

Walmart announced this in August, and it only said it was "coming soon," although it''s now a massive benefit for Walmart Plus.

If you already subscribe to Walmart''s subscription service, then this is a fantastic extra benefit that''ll cost you money on a movie night. If you do not, you may pay for Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) at an affordable price. There''s also a 30-day free trial you can use to test out Walmart Plus.

Since Walmart Plus costs $98 per year, getting this Paramount Plus coupon (as we said, worth $49.99) might be a huge benefit if you pay per year. There are plenty of Paramount Plus original shows you can stream here, as well as sports and movies.

There''s still legal drama which has been released, as well as the many other Yellowstone spinoffs, and many more programs in the world. Plus, more popular shows and franchises are being added this month. Take a look at what''s new on Paramount Plus this month.

It''s a great deal, but is it worth subscribing to Walmart Plus for this reason alone?

Walmart''s subscription is quite similar to Amazon Prime, which also includes many shopping-related benefits, so if you order from Walmart lots, then you''d likely save money by using Plus anyway.

At the time of writing, you may receive six months of Spotify Premium and $15 Lyft credit, though not if you''re just on a trial.

Walmart Plus doesn''t pay off if you use it, but with Paramount Plus it''s doubly the case. It''s a great new addition for existing subscribers and a good reason to buy new ones.

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