As Kim Tate DEAD in a horrifying attack, Emmerdale fans want to RIOT

As Kim Tate DEAD in a horrifying attack, Emmerdale fans want to RIOT

Watchers are on the warpath as they expect Kim Tate (Claire King) to die after her and Harriet Finch''s (Katherine Dow Blyton) lives were caught in the balance after a terrible explosion.

A shocking storm shook the village last night (Sunday, October 16) that put the lives of residents into danger.

Both Kim and Harriet were in a muddy stance when she confessed to being in love with Will.

When they both ventured out into the storm to rescue Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who had gone into labor in the midst of the storm, the love rivals tossed their differences aside.

Harriet was the first to investigate and find Amelia, where she managed to find a quad bike and ride it through the woods in a desperate attempt to find him.

Harriet smashed the quad bike down a ravine and the quad bike landed on top of her, leaving her lifeless body squashed underneath it as she bled profusely.

As the storm spread to Home Farm, Kim mounted her horse, Ice, and rode to the rescue.

Kim came across the scene and raced to save Harriet as she pulled her from the wreckage.

Harriet was begging Kim to stay with her while she was fighting for her life, but Kim was determined to save her and to seek care.

But, as she was poised to ride her horse, she slid in the storm, fleeing both Harriet and Kim in the middle of the woods.

A bolt of lightning struck the quad bike, which was being leaking oil, and caused a massive explosion that erupted into a huge fireball.

Kim shook her head on a rock as she was thrown to the floor.

Both Kim and Harriet''s bleeding bodies were lying lifeless on the ground as the intense episode came to a close. Is this the end for both Kim and Harriet?

While we wait to discover their fates, it''s clear who supporters want to see them fall through the horror event as they threatened to "riot" if Kim died...

NO KIM BETTER I WOLL RIOT!! #EmmerdaleOctober 16, 2022

i will riot if they twist and kill off kim tate instead of the obvious harriet!! #emmerdaleOctober 16, 2022

If Kim Tate dies instead of Harriet, then I''ll be rioting!!! #Emmerdaleat50 #emmerdale October 16, 2022

If kim dies, i wont forgive #emmerdale October 16, 2022.

On ITV, the show continues tonight at 7:30pm.

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