Who's in the Netflix thriller Meet The Watcher?

Who's in the Netflix thriller Meet The Watcher?

The comedy directed by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, which focuses on a chilling true story. Over the course of seven episodes, the show reveals Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora Brannock, a married couple who just spent all of their money buying their dream property in the suburbs of New Jersey, before realizing their new community is less than welcoming.

Although Dean and Nora are both certain that their neighbors aren''t happy with their arrival, the situation vanishes from bad to worse when they hear mysterious and deadly letters from someone who calls them "The Watcher." The Brannocks are as their crimes break out.

Learn more about the main actors in the cast.

The Watcher cast who''''s who guide

Bobby Cannavale as Dean

Dean, Bobby Cannavale''s patriarch, wants to give his family a better place to live than in the city, a large house with a yard, and is ready to do whatever it takes to get and stay there.

What happened to Bobby Cannavale? Fans of the Rami Malek series will recognize him from playing Irving, while moviegoers will remember him from, and.

Naomi Watts as Nora

Deans wife, Nora, is played by Naomi Watts, an artist who never thought she would leave her life in New York but falls in love with the house at 657 Boulevard. Once threatened letters arrive, Nora feels safe there anymore, and her relationship with Dean has been hampered.

What have you seen for Naomi Watts? Naomi Watts is no stranger to playing characters put in terrible situations, and movie fans will know her from films such as,, and.

Mia Farrow as Pearl

Mia Farrow, a spooky older lady, does not help make the Brannocks feel comfortable in the suburb of Westfield, New Jersey. She quickly conflictes with Dean and Nora and does not care for their intentions to make house modifications.

Mia Farrow has never appeared in any of his films, but you may wonder why she is so popular among filmmakers. Mia Farrow has chosen to portray and be Woody Allen''s model for a decade, appearing in many of his films, like, and.

Terry Kinney as Jasper

Terry Kinney is an odd character who sneaks into the Brannocks house and hides in their dumbwaiter, something that previous owners have kept him doing for years until the Brannocks put a damper to it.

Terry Kinney is shown in countless shows and will be recognized by fans of the program. More recently, the American actor has been seen in a number of shows.

Jennifer Coolidge as Karen Calhoun

Karen, a realtor who makes the Brannock feel like they aren''t real in Westfield, is played by Jennifer Coolidge. She is an old acquaintance of Noras and encourages her to sell the house once the threats arrive.

What other comedians have seen Jennifer Coolidge? For many, she is best known for playing the role of their mother in a Netflix Christmas rom-com and the HBO anthology series.

Margo Martindale as Mo

Margo Martindale, Mo, plays a nosy neighbor who, along with her husband, does not seem to care much about property lines. She complains about the Brannocks daughter playing the piano and is not irritated that the family was brought in next door.

Margo Martindale has appeared on many television shows and has appeared on, and on.

Richard Kind as Mitch

Mitch, Mos husband, is played by Richard Kind. Mitch spends the majority of his day sitting on a lawn chair that directs to 657 Boulevard. Along with Mo, he wants to keep an eye on the Brannocks and does not care for new neighbors.

Where else have you seen Richard Kind? A more common face of the small and big screen, Richard Kind has been seen in everything from to. He is also well known for his voice acting work and was featured in animated movies and shows like, and.

Noma Dumezweni as Theodora

Theodora Birch, a private investigator hired by Dean Brannock to investigate the mysterious letters his family receives, stars in Noma Dumezweni. She is grunge on discovering who is persecuting the Brannocks.

What other actor has you seen before, Noma Dumezweni? Theater lovers and fans know Noma Dumezweni for her role in the play Hermione Granger. On television, the actor has been seen in and.

Detective Chamberlain in Christopher McDonald.

The actor in Christopher McDonald is the subject of Detective Rourke Chamberlain, who is named Dean and Nora''s case. Like every other colorful character in the movie, he has a different role to play, and the Brannocks begin to develop a little misgiving about Chamberlain''s approach to their situation.

What other people have seen in Christopher McDonald? Over the years, Christopher has had numerous notable roles, including his breakout appearance in and roles in other movies, so you may recognize him from HBO''s or even more recently.

Henry Hunter Hall as Dakota

Dakota, a young security specialist from Vanguard Security Solutions, is played by Henry Hunter-Hall while they are looking for the elusive Watcher. While he''s there, he secretly reconnects with Ellie, the Brannocks'' daughter.

Henry Hunter Hall has never appeared before (besides ) is likely to be Sherman "Cheeks" Johnson in on Prime Video. He''s also featured in and is due to appear in later this year.

Who else stars in The Watcher?

Joe Mantello, John Nouri, Roger and Isabel Gravitt, and Luke David Blumm, the children of Brannock, are among the names mentioned above.

All episodes of the limited series are now available on Netflix for free.

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