Season 6 of The Good Doctor: The next episode, cast, and everything you need to know

Season 6 of The Good Doctor: The next episode, cast, and everything you need to know

Back in 2017, the hit medical drama series has resumed and is currently starting its sixth season. We were still on the edge of our seats as a result, so we were eager for it to return to our television screens.

Season 6 of 6: Here''s what you need to know.

When is next The Good Doctor episode?

Season 6 of the medical drama will begin on Monday, October 17, at 10 pm ET/PT. This new episode is titled "A Big Sign," but here''s the brief summary.

"The team treats a famous marriage counselor after she injured her ankle from falling, but when she counsels them, Dr. Morgan Reznick quickly detects that their patient might be experiencing something much more serious. During her treatment, Dr. Audrey Lim is contemplating her own internal investigation.

Check out this week''s episode of the show:

Season 6 is expected to premiere in the United Kingdom, but previous seasons have been available on Sky TV/NOW TV.

What is the plot of The Good Doctor?

The series'' official breakdown is:

"Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, has tirelessly demonstrated to his peers that his extraordinary medical treatments will save lives. During Season 5, Shaun navigates further difficulties as a major change arrives to St. Bonaventure. Gleichzeitig, the rest of the team must also navigate life and death situations."

While the season 5 finale featured Shaun and Lea''s wedding, it ended on a major cliffhanger as Dalisay Villanueva and Dr. Audrey Lim were attacked by Villanueva''s abusive ex, both stabbed and lying on the floor. This is one of the biggest early concerns for season 6.

Here is the synopsis of the season 6 premiere episode, titled "Afterparty"

"Saun and Leas'' long-awaited wedding reception is subdued by a violent attack at the hospital, and the entire team must mobilize to help save the victims. Despite his difficulties in seeing people he cares for in life-threatening situations, Shaun is experiencing more changes than once."

Who is in The Good Doctor season 6 cast?

Here are some of the series regulars expected to return for Season 6 of The Good Doctor:

Freddie Highmore is played by Dr. Shaun Murphy. Highmore was previously the Empire Award Most Promising Newcomer, and is a double SAG nominee as well as twice the world''s best young actor.

Richard Schiff, who plays Dr. Aaron Glassman, has been recognized for his work in andThe actor is best known for his role in, for which he received the Best Supporting Actor Emmy Award and received a total of three Emmy nominations.

Paige Spara and Lea join forces in the show. Spara is in charge of the Good Doctor, although she has also appeared in the show.

Christina Chang is a performer for Dr. Audrey Lim. Chang has featured on several notable shows, such as and. She has also appeared in feature films and.

Fiona Gubelmann and Dr. Morgan Reznick are well known for their breakout role on the critically acclaimed FX series. She can also be seen in and. The actress has had lead roles in several Hallmark films, such as as.

Will Yun Lees TV credits include Dr. Alex Park, and. On the feature side, the actor was in the trilogy, and.

Is there a The Good Doctor season 6 trailer?

While we haven''t got a trailer yet, we have a public poster for the new season, and Highmore has been criticized a bit for the Disney Upfront.

Everyone operates differently. Only two months until Season 6 of #TheGoodDoctor!!! 3, 2022

Season 6 of #TheGoodDoctor will be delayed, so please #DisneyUpfront22 17, 2022

How to watch The Good Doctor

ABC is available on all traditional cable channels as well as live television streaming services like FuboTV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. Whether you subscribe to a service with ABC,, both options include previous seasons of the medical drama.

On the NOW TV streaming service, UK viewers may watch past seasons.

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