Kalyne Coleman, who plays the Vampire star, said: 'Grace's role... is to provide light.'

Kalyne Coleman, who plays the Vampire star, said: 'Grace's role... is to provide light.'

AMCs'' new original series is one of the most anticipated shows to debut this fall (check out What to Watch''''s review). Anne Rices iconic characters come to life in this bold reimagining, and thanks to the series format there is space to explore more of the characters'' lives that usually end up on the cutting floor of movie adaptations.

What to Watch had a chance to speak with Kalyne Coleman about her role as Grace de Point du Lac, sister to Louis (Jacob Anderson), who became a vampire after falling in love with Lestat (Sam Reid). Coleman talked about how Grace''s role aided Louis''s journey as an immortal.

What happened to you? I feel like everyone who worked on the show knew that what you were all doing was remarkable, but what happened to you?

"I''m certain that I might be emotional about it." Kalyne Coleman says: "This is my first television show, so it''s just a blessing. From when I got the part, now, how people are receiving it, I couldnt say more. I''m so grateful to [bring] Grace''s character to the screen and to see people loving them on this new journey with Anne Rice."

The series allows viewers to see the character progression of the small moments at the breakfast table and conversations between characters that you cant complete into a two-hour film. In this case, it really aides to share Louis''s point of view and how important his family is.

"I couldn''t agree more," KC said of the book, which was about 16 hours and I was taking notes. I think Rolin [Jones] did such a wonderful job of letting Louis learn what he has to do, and why it is so difficult to become a vampire. It''s so sad how the family begins to tour back and forth. I think that explains the value of her family''s food and living conditions. So let''s be a part of these small moments. The breakfasts

The Louis character develops from this very strong matriarchal structure. Grace has the same voice. To have that kind of empowerment in that age, you can really see what their mother has done in raising them, and why Louis is so respectable for his other women in his life. There is a reason for it all comes back to family.

"Talk about it," KC said of the fact that the women in his family do not play. I truly believe that the relationship he has with Grace is so important. Its so deep and beautiful, which makes me so sad that she is not able to tell her everything shes going through because I believe she could take it in whatever human way possible. So yes, it will do with our mother''s upbringing and the way our father raised us before he passed. Absolutely."

It''s all about being a party mate that makes it even worse when he arrives at the party and the girls run away screaming. It''s quite understandable, but it also highlights the disconnect between his previous and future.

KC: "I couldn''t agree more. It''s one of the things that motivated me to respect the character. My mother calls me the joy child and I believe Graces'' role is to provide light. The other reason I was drawn to this role is the sibling relationship. It''s heartbreaking to think about my brother or sister''s child''s dangers. And it''s also important to know that my siblings are not a parent. I think that''s one of the reasons for making the family story so common

"Im certain there are many individuals in this world who can relate to challenging family dynamics, through trauma, loss, or sadness. And I think Grace often finds herself having to choose between herself and her family, because she is so hard with Louis. But you dont see the many times that she has tried to connect, but it''s all there. He''s not giving her what she requires at all."

Grace thought it might have been possible to handle everything else. But in episode 103 when he breaks the door, it''s not intentional. She also noticed the change in his eyes before, so she knew that there were changes.

"Yes," says the Kansas City Council.

Until now, he has threatened her family and her children. Do you think the same holds true? Do you believe she might take it? Or did he need to do it much before they reached that point?

"I believe she is a mother bear," says KC. So every time the baby is in danger, she must first protect them. I don''t think a conversation in the moment he was born, but I think it would have happened again. However, I do believe that even if a week, two weeks or a month had passed, Grace would have sought to assist him in whatever way possible, when [he became a vampire]. And so I do believe that she would, in any way humanly possible, be

In the [1994] film, you never see why Louis was the way he was. In the book, you kind of understand it, but you also get the whole picture because he was to really articulate all of the losses. However, Rolin has taken a lot of time to see that.

"And how this family relationship relates to Lestat''s relationship and ultimately with Claudia." "It''s really interesting." When you dive deep into his heart, his human heart, because Louis doesnt lose that. He doesnt lose his conscience. He doesnt lose his ability to love and care. Im so glad that the series allows space for that."

I cant let you go until weve discussed the amazing costumes and sets. What was it like? Ive never seen anything so stunning. You may lose sight of the episodes and simply staring at the little details in the costumes and set. It''s so beautiful.

"First of all, shout out to Carol [Cutshall, costume designer] she is incredible. And every person who helped me. It was an incredible experience to have done all of this research to really understand what it meant to be Creole and a free Person of Color at that time. Then to get on set and have them placed on the corset and ensure it all be true to that time period. But there are also small things you can no longer imagine until the costume comes into play.

"Carol gave Grace light and bright colors. That''s why Grace progresses so rapidly throughout the show. So you see the clothes going from tight to loose to more flowy throughout the show. It was amazing. My favorite costume was the funeral outfit for Paul. It was absolutely stunning. And that wedding dress was personally made for me."

On AMC, you may watch on Sunday nights at 10 pm ET/PT.

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