Elden Ring's latest update may include ray tracing and DLCmaps

Elden Ring's latest update may include ray tracing and DLCmaps

Elden Ring''s latest update has been released earlier this week, and it appears to be harboring certain things that might be pointing towards ray tracing, and perhaps even DLC.

Elden Ring patch 1.07 had the goal that both PvP and PvE balance are now separated, implying that tweaks to one will not impact the other. However, Lance MdDonald discovered that some new menu strings that refer to ray tracing were discovered in the code.

McDonald later discovered that the ray tracing feature might be broken for the time being, speculating that it might be some missing shaders. McDonald also found that with the ray tracing feature, the game still uses screen space reflections in water, which means the geometry isn''t rendered twice, thus it isn''t excessive performance wise.

Ray tracing is certainly a fantastic prospect, but some additional marvellous are the additions to maps that didn''t exist before the update. As shared by another dataminer, Sekiro Dubi, these new maps are labeled m20 and m45, neither of which are currently attached to an area that can be visited.

As m10 is Stormveil, and m11 is Leyndell, leading up to m19, stone platform, the m20 reference appears to follow in line with the number system. Right now, there are no numbers that match it, so there is possibility of a whole new section that players visit.

These map references aren''t the only ones that appear to be suggesting towards DLC preparation, although it appears that an explicit reference to DLC01 has been made, although this is usually a speculative error until an official announcement is made (thanks, Eurogamer).

Elden Ring''s latest update consists of menu strings that are similar to the ray tracing capabilities. pic.twitter.com/LrCaqkzfsV

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