The Super Mario Bros. Movie will feature Toad, and you'll get it all

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will feature Toad, and you'll get it all

The Super Mario Bros. Movie may be a bit of a musical, as Toad actor Keegan-Michael Key confirms that the mushroom man will perform a bit of singing.

While it''sn''t clear if the Mario Bros. film will include a musical, Giant Bomb''s Jeff Grubb said earlier this year that it might have a few musical numbers in it, which is a bit more accurate now. Key was asked if Toad, the perfect creature, will perform any singing, to which the actor said "he does."

"I got to improvise a song in Super Mario Bros., which was a blast," Key continued to explain. "That was just a stick of fun, that whole thing," the actor said, adding, "We were, together, working on the voice with my partner, and trying to improve it through the internal journey of the character. "And then with the directors [Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic], we brought some things in, we moved it around."

Should Toad perform some of his singing, considering the whole shrill voice that might likely kill a man with its sharpness? Perhaps not, but that has certainly not stopped Key, so you should appreciate the gift we''re receiving here.

Jack Black, who is taking on the challenge of voicing Bowser, said at New York Comic Con that he "did a little bit of rocking," and that he believes "you''ll be surprised to see that Bowser has a musical side" (via IGN).

While Martinet has spoken out about the titular plumber himself, Tara Strong says on Twitter that "it should be Charles [Martinet]," although everyone is the least favorite of the Chrises Chris Pratt, which has a lot of controversy.

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