In FIFA23, how do you get a power shot?

In FIFA23, how do you get a power shot?

In FIFA 23, are there a few new techniques on the pitch, with the power shot being the most thrilling. Power shots are also powerful, but they are also necessary to keep the ball coming back safely, despite a long turnaround time. It''s a tough task to master, but you can score plenty of power shots with a bit of practice.

In this video, we discuss how to prepare a power shot in FIFA 23, including the buttons you must press and how to score.

How to do a power shot in FIFA 23

To do a power shot in FIFA 23, you must hold the bumper triggers (LB and RB/L1 and R1) and then hold B or circle to shoot.

The power shot will be charged by holding the shoot button, increasing time onto your finish, while also increasing the strength of the shot. As you hold the shoot button, the camera will zoom in towards the player, centering them in the frame just before taking the shot. This is why the danger is.

As your player will become more vulnerable to any nearby defenders, you may want to have plenty of space around your player.

Having a power shot in FIFA 23 requires you to remember. Consequently, you must be more precise than usual while you are looking with the left stick. FIFA 23 power shots do not assist you at all, so the exactness and placement of your shot all comes down to you.

In the days following FIFA 23''s launch, this resulted in us missing plenty of shots that seemed to be gone in, especially when we weren''t used to exactly targeting with the left stick for every shot. If you overcome the pressure and aim true, you''ll be certain to score a spectacular goal.

For those familiar with previous FIFA games, you may have noticed that the power shot uses the inputs of another popular technique: the low driven shot. Although, the low driven shot is still available, but the effect has changed to simply holding the shoot button until you get the highest level of power.

How to score with a power shot in FIFA 23

While you may score a power shot from inside the box, they are most effective when used from far away. There are also several finishes you might use to achieve goals.

If you find yourself outside the box and have time to survive the wind-up, consider using a power shot to achieve a famous goal. Always aim correctly, as the decision to take a shot like normal will correct it.

How to turn off power shot zoom in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, you can leave the game behind and head to settings. Use the toggles to access the camera settings, then scroll down to discover power shot zoom. There''s also the option to disable this feature.

While the power shot zoom effect might be overwhelming during a match, you might also notice that it is rather distracting. Fortunately, you may avoid seeing any incoming defenders, which you''ll need to keep an eye on if you want to score a power shot.

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