Thesniffer, Minecraft's next new mob, is the next

Thesniffer, Minecraft's next new mob, is the next

The winner of this years Minecraft mob vote has been revealed, and its a giant beast called the sniffer. Sniffers are a friendly beasties who can hunt up ancient seeds from the outside while on Saturday. Sniffer was voted for 24 hours between Friday and the start of Minecraft Live on Saturday. The result is revealed in a video below.

Once more, the sniff-balance has been restored as your new victors are pleased with the craziness you face in proving the votes winner! Mojang said in a post confirming the votes winner. It was thought the egg would be extinct, but youll be able to find it hidden in underwater ruins. Leave them back to the surface to hatch them, and youll get your own baby sniffer.

In this year''s new mob vote, the sniffer was up against the tuff golem and the rascal. Commiserations to them. The new mob was just one of the things happening at Minecraft Live over the weekend, which also saw Mojang share some information on Minecraft''s upcoming 1.20 update. Apart from Sunny, Kai, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Noor, the seven new default characters will be added to the game on November 29th. The 1.20 update

Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition is available on the official website here for 25/$30. While you wait for the sniffer to become unxtinct, why not check out Ollies'' guide to Minecraft 1.19 seeds?

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