Teddiursa Rumors about Pokemon Go on November 2022

Teddiursa Rumors about Pokemon Go on November 2022

Trainers and Teddiursa Community Day in November 2022 have been confirmed. Teddiursa''s November 2022 Community will be held on November 12, 2022, from 2 to 5 PM, with Teddiursa''s shiny Teddiursa, Ursaluna, a High Horsepower attack, an event story, event bonuses, and a bonus for finishing four-star Raids.

Previous Story: The next Community Day event will be held in November 2022, and the Pokemon choice that might be in the spotlight is rather erratic. As always, the Pokemon Go community responds to speculation and discussions, and it appears like Teddiursa will be the Pokemon on November 2022.

This is the event in which Trainers have the opportunity to catch the chosen Pokemon as many times as they desire, because that Pokemon is quite active once a month during the whole Community Day event. In addition, the Community Day Pokemon may be shiny.

On November 5th and 2022, Dratini will be spotted more frequently in the wild. Dragonite can learn the Charged Attack Draco Meteor, and players may participate in the Dratini Community Classic.

So far, only the date has been confirmed, the 12th and 2022, and the official Pokemon confirmation will be unveiled.

What Pokemon would you like to see as a Community Day Pokemon in November 2022? What are your expectations? Lets look at it in the comments below.

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