Players in Pokemon Go don't like the In-Person Elite Raid concept

Players in Pokemon Go don't like the In-Person Elite Raid concept

Well, well. Someone is attempting so hard to get back the Raids in the in-person process, and many are dissatisfied with it, including us.

In Pokemon Go, a new type of Raid Battle is available, with Niantic using Hoopa Unbound for the promotion. The difference with this new type of Raid Battles, called Elite Raids, is that players must turn their homes away and navigate the old-school style, which they all learnt. We all were shocked by the pandemic consequences that they all encountered. Many players are horrified by the elite Raids.

WThieves on Reddit, a well-known Pokemon Go player, has sent his opinion on Elite Raids. He went and posted on the Pokemon Go Reddit page, explaining the bleak way Niantic is attempting to persuade the raiders. Today, the thread is trending, with many other trainers agreeing with WThieves.

WThieves has explained how these in-person Raids affect every aspect of a Trainers life, including the financial aspect which is absolutely essential right now.

Niantic lives in a complex world with all kinds of players, and the average player is about ten years old, according to WThieves. They continue by saying that if a Trainer decides to go raiding, they need a transportation method. Obviously, they must still pay for a ticket, gas, or anything else to get to the Raid place. Only heavily-populated areas can only dream of an in-person Raid.

Cost of transferring to an in-person Raid location is higher than purchasing a Remote Raid Pass.

As Niantic try to return the in-person Raids, many people can agree that Pokemon Go is becoming less playable. Lets face it, not everyone wants to go out and meet random people.

We prefer to give players a choice. It is either an in-person Raid or an remote Raid. We prefer Remote Raids, mainly because there have been many instances where players do not come up to the agreed location. Plus, rural players should be able to participate.

Some players say they like the game and will continue playing, but they will not do in-person Raids. Others say they will never Raid in-person again and would rather quit the game.

Here''s how to look at the comment box in the Pokemon Go community.

What your thoughts about this? What do you feel about in-person raiding? We would like to hear your opinions, so please leave them a comment below.

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