BSG has released a new video titled Escape From Tarkov, which details the upcoming content

BSG has released a new video titled Escape From Tarkov, which details the upcoming content

Battlestate Games has posted a new video that continues the past of Escape From Tarkov. The video reveals a strange change in the ARRS (Automated Radio Relay Service) console, which can be accessed via a web browser on

The Chronicles of Ryzhy is a video that can be found below. But, were more interested in the ARRS terminal content, so let''s look back. Keep in mind that was still trying to discover what the ARRS terminal holds, and this article is still developing. We will need some brains to go through this, and considering its Sunday, we do not operate at full power.

Consider your input on the website as to why the developer shared login credentials within the video. However, the console allows us to use certain commands, and you may do so by typing a hand. Keep an eye on that the user can change the video to the one that is currently available.

Connecting a default user is not a problem.


We''ve been tinkering around, and this is what we found on the most recent templates.

First and foremost, we wanted to monitor the user by typing the user. It appears that the user defaultuser is not safe and has been exploited.

We have seen a file not_important.txt typing file not_important.txt throws out its contents, saying nothing to see here, and a strange code is at the bottom of the text. We are still working on finding what is.

After opening the note, the following message is sent out:

The note entered shows us a new login user observer14-4, which includes the previous image located in not_important.txt 69w6k73j61m6y69l74w79. Now type logout, wait for a moment and then type login observer14-4. Password is

This user is the main operator in the ARRS terminal.

This user also has a lot of notes, so you may go through them. A colleague is also mentioned.

Petr is now considered a terminal user in the second note.

As he finds his mug, the third person mentions Petr once more. Eugene 1 and Grach are also visible.

The last one also reveals that the hidden truth behind the MUG itself has been revealed.

Now lets go to the files.

In a user observer''s log files, one new user appears.

All of the log files, except for the last one, appear to have user block E621-092. However, at the last log file, this is thrown:

We started getting user on every login we attempt, so I guess we were stuck and have to wait on someone else to jump in. I have to be going for a while, but I''m sure the people on Twitter will come to the conclusion.

I''ve just returned to Reddit, and I have seen the megathread on Twitter which has managed to close things up. Below, you may find all of the information you have collected.

Notes: HL692_01.10.2022 > GS55F_01.10.2022 > 5AL5U_01.10.2022 > ARRS_NODE_14-4_03.10.2022.log > ARRS_NODE_14-4_01.10.2022.log > ARRS_NODE_14-4_01.10.2022.log >https

JH692_23.12.2021 > L815U_04.10.2022 > L815U_04.10.2022 >

File: > > (INV-15)ARRS_NODE_14-4_15.10.2015.log > (INV-15)ARRS_

GF2GQZLZONSWKMRU Notes: No notes have been found on the site of officer20-28.

File: ARRS_NODE_14-4_13.09.2021.log > > >

According to people, there seem to be two different EOD versions of the game which allowed the first to disclose information to claim them. This brings us back to the Lightkeeper. When will he arrive? Because we have endured so long without him, it is likely to be added with the next wipe.

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