Every kid is taken hostage by Tarkov Maze ARG

Every kid is taken hostage by Tarkov Maze ARG

Fans of Escape From Tarkov, the real-time filmmaker, have leapt to work to solve the biggest mystery ever. From a video to an ARRS terminal, the biggest ARG, which requires the players to solve a puzzle. This puzzle is unique, and it is more significant than any other previously.

While I am vibing on the OnePegs stream and seeing him participating in the maze event, other players try their best to map and filter out the evil. At least for this maze, mapping all the steps will bring a conclusion, and knowing the extensive work behind it might result in a future issue.

Yesterday''s video by Battlestate Games. We were presented with a link leading to the ARRS terminal, which included the login credentials of the starting user, which kept the information of other users and put us down a rabbit hole.

This maze also includes links to Google Drive files that give you additional information and indicate where players should look. What might this maze mean?

The maze has almost ended at the time of this writing, with over 90% of progress. However, some errors must be corrected before the whole message is decrypted.

There is a whole Google spreadsheet that everyone has been contributing to. Created by the community, it''s fascinating to see how far they have gone. If you want to contribute, please join the Google spreadsheet and follow it guidelines. Everyone can help.

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