Episode 2 of Turbo Overkill will be released on Halloween

Episode 2 of Turbo Overkill will be released on Halloween

Apogee Entertainment announced that the second episode of RazerCon will be released on Halloween. This episode will allow you to climb new levels to defeat AI Syn''s henchlings and obstacles. Further information is available here and the latest trailer showing off the content below. This will be released on October 31st, 2022.

"The next stage on Johnny Turbo''s wildly successful campaign to defeat AI Syn, which includes extensive campaign levels, chainsaw-mounted motorcycle combat, and three new weapons. Cook up Syn''s finest with the microwaving Plasma Gun, paint targets for furious orbital strikes with the Ion Blaster, or aim down sight with the Telefragger, a sniper rifle that says "no" to bullets and "YES" to teleporting inside foes.

The thrilling conclusion of Episode 1 of "Johnny" is to act revenge for Johnny''s best friend by revving the new Chainsaw Bike and slowly reaching larger heights, as the city grows, and quickly reach bigger heights, Spidey-style, giving the city an uphill fight against unsuspecting goons. Tap into Turbo Time, Johnny''s ultimate power, to move at warp speed while the world slows around him, slaughtering foes before they can blink."

"is Sam Prebble''s creative lovechild" and the original shooter titans at Apogee (Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem, Prey, Max Payne, Rise of the Triad, and others), and see the next evolution in FPS design: classic features like intricate, layered levels and secrets brought to vivid, eye-popping life by nostalgic textures and modern flourishes. Campy crouch-fests in your chainsaw-leg dustfluid, unstop

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