Season 48 of Saturday Night Live: Megan Thee Stallion's SNL Guide

Season 48 of Saturday Night Live: Megan Thee Stallion's SNL Guide

We thought that a double dose of "looking back" was in order, although before we dive deeper into Megan''s week leading up to tonight''s show, we''re going back a little further. Specifically to the Chris Rock-hosted season premiere on October 3, 2020, an episode where Megan was the musical guest and appeared in a film (check out our full review here), and more than proved that she has what it takes to take on tonight''s double duty.

Chris Rock and Megan Thee Stallion Return to SNL 10/03/2020

Given who is in the spotlight, it''s only appropriate to start things off with Megan''s stunning live performances of "Savage Remix" and "Don''t Stop (feat. Young Thug)" - some of the main highlights of the episode

Rock learns all too well about Megan''s lips in the promo for the episode. Following that, Megan shows that she is more than ready for the show (remember, this was 2020):

a group of rappers (Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, and Pete Davidson) perform a song about wanting to see their girlfriends'' faces in the following music video sketch, "Bottom of Your Face"

The Saturday Night Live Week from Megan Thee Stallion is in a good mood.

Megan makes the "rookie mistake" of thinking any portion of the show would be written at this stage. After that, "Heidi Thee Gardner" checks in, meaning Megan will not be the only multi-talent that night. And finally, the duo promises the viewers a "Hot Girl SNL":

During this week''s read-thru session, we also had a chance to connect with Megan and the SNL cast:

Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) has shared a post.

Sarah Sherman, an SNL cast member, attends Megan to see how excited she will be hosting this weekend. Unfortunately, the good times are dragged by a little "naked truth" Megan must share with Sherman in the midweek interview.

Here''s a look back at Megan''s SNL welcome video, which will be released in the run-off time.

Megan''s busy music and acting schedule as well as other business ventures (with a break-in at her home on Friday not exactly helping the situation), have shared their views. Here''s a look at her tweet as we send serious good vibes her way for some serious rest & relaxation.

Im sorry for the guys, but after the SNL I just have to take a break I''m pretty sick, mentally, and emotionally.

TINA SNOW (@theestallion) October 14, 2022

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