The Paper Cut Mansion Set Will Be Released Later this Month

The Paper Cut Mansion Set Will Be Released Later this Month

This month, Thunderful Publishing and Space Lizard Studio have announced that they will be releasing for PC and consoles. This haunted but unsettling puzzle game is triggered by every death you make, leading to greater understanding of the place. It''ll soon be possible to experience it for yourself as it will be released on PC and all three major consoles on October 27th.

"is a roguelite horror set in a papercraft world. Play as Toby, a police detective coming at a mysterious old mansion. Each run allows you to collect another piece of evidence to be added to your Evidence Board. "The Mansion also has a mysterious cast of characters that may assist or hinder your progress."

"Run by run, will provide you the option of defining your playstyle as you unlock new abilities and discover new equipment that will give you a better chance of being overcome with every procedurally generated run. Each item includes additional customization to your desired build, allowing for truly unique setups. Do you want to get in close as a melee fighter or take shots from afar as a ranged marksman?"

"Set yourself up with a drone who can do the fighting for you or create an engineering build that can fix traps and turrets while you back enemies into them. Each quest will also receive temporary perks, making each run feel fresh as you may not receive the same perks to choose from next time! The possibilities are endless and there is no proper way to overcome the ever-changing procedural rooms of the house."

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