Overwatch 2 Devs Reveal Latest Update Details With Maps & Balances

Overwatch 2 Devs Reveal Latest Update Details With Maps & Balances

This week, Blizzard Entertainment decided to remove a new blog for revealing the most recent update to the game after Week 1. The major changes that came from the latest update were seeing maps rotate out in various modes, although you may play any map in custom game modes.

Hero Balance

While some heroes are improving than others, we have been delighted to see that no hero''s overall power level is far out of line with our goals. Season Two will focus on hero performance and on player feedback, with the exception of an targeted adjustments to Zarya in Total Mayhem, which will be released on October 25. Instead, our team is planning to make a series of balanced changes that align with our design goal of ensuring the game stays balanced and fair throughout the season. However, we want to share more about the results we

Climbing The ranks

Our team had a problem with player skill ratings during the first week of Overwatch 2. We discovered a bug that hindered player skill ratings, which is what resulted in many players being placed in Bronze 5. This issue will be revealed when the correct ranking is done. We''re also reviewing your skill tier and division, and we will continue to look for your feedback.

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