New Documentary On Dungeons & Dragons has been announced by XTR

New Documentary On Dungeons & Dragons has been announced by XTR

The Hobby, a game based in the United Kingdom, will be directed by Morgan Jon Foxand, who was the subject of the company''s trading card film. Here''s how the film is being titled Role Players. From its beginnings to today, it will focus on everything it can about the seminal fantasy game. Here''s how it works:

The documentary, which is currently in production, comes after Paramount and eOne''s announcement on the title for the upcoming narrative piece on the same obsession, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and Hasbro''s reported impressive growth on the franchise as a result of the major theatrical release in March 2023. Using never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with top-tier D&D fans, Role Players will reveal the true story of Dungeons

The company should have little effort in finding a plethora of people to speak on the game. If they''re just starting off, we''ll likely not see much until 2024 at the early stages. This would be useful if they can get the game back. Here''s a letter from the director on the project.

"I am keen to tell the story of D&D, which at its core is about learning to work as teams, consuming, and creating inclusive narratives," said Morgan Jon Fox. "There''s nothing more exciting than a legendary game that rose to fame with a little help from the era of Satanic Panic."

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