Exhibitors and Keynote Speakers are announced in PAX Unplugged 2022

Exhibitors and Keynote Speakers are announced in PAX Unplugged 2022

Penny Arcade and ReedPop have revealed several new features for PAX Unplugged 2022, including the exhibitors as well as the keynote speakers. This year, the McElroy Brothers, Travis and Griffin, will take place in the Main Theater on Friday, December 2nd, at 10:30AM ET. During the interview, they have also created several pop culture podcasts, including, and, as well as as helping found Polygon, as voice actors, and more. Meanwhile, the company has received more information on the Healthy & Safety Guidelines

"Visit fan-favorite tabletop developers and publishers, giving them the opportunity to go live on their latest and greatest upcoming releases, including The Pokemon Company, Games Workshop, and the creators of the strategic phenomenon Gloomhaven and its sequel Frosthaven Cephalofair. Among others, PAX Unplugged attendees will have a weekend filled with excitement, with expert panels from prominent content creators, personalities, and top gaming players in the world. Unpub, community meetings, and freeplay areas filled with

"While all kinds of games are capable of bringing us together, board and tabletop games are capable of connecting people in a special way that some other games can''t," Jerry Holkins said. "We''re excited to safely bring everyone back to The City of Brotherly Love with our health and safety guidelines that are currently imposed for the welfare of the tabletop and Philadelphia communities."

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