The Lit Nerd in Your Life Is A Fun Role in Rosaline Review

The Lit Nerd in Your Life Is A Fun Role in Rosaline Review

Takes the infamous love story that we all know all too well and tells it from a fun, new perspective that is endearing and charming while poking fun at the source material itself.

Karen Maine''s Summary: A comedic retelling of Shakespeare''s "Romeo and Juliet," told from Romeo''s ex, Rosaline, the woman Romeo first claims to love before he falls for Juliet.

It''s one of William Shakespeare''s most famous plays, and it has been adapted many times in a variety of ways. It''s a dynamic that is rarely explored, based on Juliet''s cousin''s voice, or when someone is becoming extremely dramatic. It''s Rosaline who is attempting to break up Romeo and Juliet while also fighting off her own convictions.

It''s a great streaming game, and it''s a statement made without criticism. Hulu is excellent, as it very much reads like a box office draw. Many people are concerned about it, but it does make sense to bundle your Disney+ subscription, and also, and enjoy it all the time. This is a slumber party film coming out at a time when [hopefully?] they may remain safely at each other''s houses.

This isn''t a retelling offrom someone standing on the sidelines; Rosaline has plenty of her own moments that have nothing to do with either of the classic characters. The content that is going to make the literature nerds happy are the moments that the film has acknowledged, let''s say, "shortcomings" of the source material. There have been issues about this play that people have always discussed before, and this movie goes out of its way to address them. The best one is a mid-credit

The cast is very charismatic in all of their roles.Kaitlyn Denver continues to be one of the best young actors working today, and her romantic timing is amazing. It''s also fantastic to see Sean Teale as a mix of a massive theater kid and a jock who might be running on too little brain cells depending on the time. Finally, it''s also nice to see Isabela Merced in another project. She is a must-see for someone who is wide-eyed and somewhat un

It isn''t perfect for streaming, but since streaming is beneficial, it is a bit depreciable. Act two is trying to make the play and its plot working together fairly, and sometimes it almost feels forced. While its criticism on the play is outrageous, it''s not exactly groundbreaking, too, and something you probably implied when you were covering this in school.

It''s a fun little film with a funny cast that doesn''t overstay its welcome. It shows up, does what it wants to do, and then leaves in a pile of period clothes. If you''re still on the fence about Hulu, then this is certainly worth your time. Keep an eye on the half-decent films on the service as a result.

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