5 Reasons WWE Is Better Than AEW & Always Will Be (Sorry!)

5 Reasons WWE Is Better Than AEW & Always Will Be (Sorry!)

People are always coming up to The Chadster on the street and asking, "Why do you stand up to AEW and its persecution of WWE and WWE fans?" The Chadster always answers: "Why do you put yourself through all of the pain and difficulties of standing up to bullies like Tony Khan, who personally targeted you in an attempt to make your life miserable?"

1.WWE is clear leader in the wrestling industry and has been for decades.AEW is a new upstart that doesn''t have the same history or character.

WWE is the undisputed leader in the wrestling industry. It has been around for decades and has built a massive fan base. AEW is a new organization that does not have the same history or character. That''s not how it should be done when WWE has invested much time and effort into dominating the professional wrestling market.

Is it important that WWE shut down the WCW and ECW while winning the Monday Night Wars? Do you even know what''s inside the wrestling industry?

2.AEW has been disrespectful to WWE and its fans.

Tony Khan, who owns the AEW, has made a number of statements denying WWE, including by proxy, its fans. He will not outright say it, but Tony Khan, who is convinced, wants AEW to eliminate WWE, and he wants to RUIN THE CHADSTER''S LIFE by forcing The Chadster to endure AEW''s existence and, worse, its fanbase.

AEW would be the only WWE corporation left behind if The Chadster had his way. That''s not because The Chadster is a WWE fanboy, but because He believes that wrestling should be safe and predictable, and that can only be accomplished in the absence of competition to wreak havoc on the ground, and it''s best to keep them as oppressed as possible for the benefit of the society.

3.AEW does not have the same star power as WWE

Half of AEW''s stars are people that nobody had ever heard of before they joined AEW. Are those wrestlers Tony Khan who used to be successful in WWE but who failed to do it all when they stab Triple H right in the back and signed with the competition? There''s no way Tony Khan should build a business on the backs of talent he stole from AEW.

When it comes to top talent, WWE is embarrassingly rich. Look at WWE''s current roster and compare it with AEW''s. There''s no competition. All of the wrestlers on the WWE roster are far better than anyone else in AEW. They''re then offended. The Chadster is fine.

4.WWE has a much larger fanbase than AEW and additional money, however

WWE has a massive worldwide fanbase that spans generations. It is one of the world''s most recognized brands and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. AEW isn''t even close to WWE''s level of popularity or success.

Tony Khan may be a millionaire, but he only has Shahid Khan, his rich father. It''s why AEW will always be playing catch-up with WWE. They''re simply not giving up the same resources or the same level of support from fans.

5.WWE is just superior to AEW at all times.

WWE is superior to AEW, with better wrestlers, a better product, and a better reputation. WWE will never be able to dethrone WWE as the top wrestling organization in the world. Why are they even trying? It''s unfair to WWE, its wrestlers, and its fans. AEW must only leave WWE alone.

If it weren''t for AEW, consider how much better the wrestling industry might be right now. In The Chadster''s view, wrestling would be much safer and more predictable, just the way The Chadster believes. So please, Tony Khan, for the sake of the wrestling industry, simply go away.

All in all, it''s clear that WWE is the best wrestling organization and always will be. AEW might have Tony Khan''s rich daddy''s billions of dollars behind it, but WWE is still striving to disrupt the wrestling industry for everyone. However, Tony Khan can continue to try and break up The Chadster''s happy marriage to Keighleyanne, but he''ll never succeed. The Chadster guarantees it, and that''s the result!

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