On Sunday, the 16th October 2022, the guest of Dwayne Johnson stars in a thank you service

On Sunday, the 16th October 2022, the guest of Dwayne Johnson stars in a thank you service

Thank FOC It''s Friday Scheduled to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut off at Diamond Comic Distributors on Monday. And nowLunar Distribution and Penguin Random House on Sunday. So here''s this week''s comics product coming through that may need to be altered without penalty. A time for credits to be altered, new covers to be revealed, and a final push given. This week, Dwayne Johnson has beaten us to it.

What''''s FOC-ing this weekend?

#6 of Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, and Alejandro Sanchez have two tiered covers for FOC, but the Black Adam cover that Dwayne loves so much is in the works!

"GOSPEL is a thrilling fantasy thriller set in the chaos of King Henry VIII," says photographer Will Morris. "Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki''s work, Matilde and storyteller Pitt will seek answers that threaten to divide them apart and trigger the toughest question of all." As well as #1 byGenevieve Valentine, Ming Doyle, Annie Wu, "Emilia and the man with the veil of smoke have set out for the ocean in a stolen truck. "She''s beginning

While by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Scalera, the covers on 1;25 and 1:50 are tiered, and this 1:100 cover from Brian Bolland is.

The image of Jonathan Luna in a graphite shows the artist''s four compelling tales of military conflict, all written by veterans who served from Vietnam to Afghanistan. What''s the significance of killing when the war is over? These are personal stories, compelling stories, and stories that will roil you. Every soldier has a story."

Mit Emo Philips'' foreword, Z2 Comics is releasing the graphic novel byWeird Al Yankovic. Plympton, Aaron Augenblick, Peter Bagge, Steve Chanks, Danny Hellman, Felipe Sobreiro, Gideon Kendall, Michael Kupperman, Wes Hargis, and others.

Geoff Johns, Steve Lieber, and Jerry Ordway feature in the #1 oneshot. "From the Justice Society of America to the Legion of Super-Heroes, the New Golden Age will revolutionize DC''s epic and secret-ridden heroism, launching a new series of titles. From the 1940s to the 3040s, heroes will face the damage they did. But what is the future of DC, and who, or what isNostalgia,? "Difficult

Includes this 1:150 FOC cover by Jim Lee, written by Matthew Rosenberg and Stephen Segovia.

With a 1:5 and 1:0 toered cover, Josh Trujillo, John Barber, Garrie Gastonny, and Juan Samu from Opus Comics. "In this special one-shot by author Josh Trujillo (Rick and Morty), Indonesian sensation Garrie Gastonny, Bill & Ted stumble into a Day of the Dead celebration, revealing patterns of sugar skulls dancing through their heads! Plus, a bonus story featuring Rufus and Chuck De Nomolos!"

The final G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero story arc at IDW Publishing has reached a devastating conclusion, revealing both dangerous villains and villains in the background, and it''s time for every player to go ALL IN! This week, the long and celebrated G.I. JOE: ARAH issue will not be missed!

Mark Russell, Dave Wachter, and Mico Suayan have launched their 1:25 FOC cover by Gabriele Dell Otto. "A deep dive into Dracula''s new kingdom as established in AVENGERS. Starring BLADE, the sheriff of the Vampire Nation! An assassination threatens to unravel the fledgling country and spread chaos around the globe. But is getting rid of a nation full of bloodsuckers just too bad of an idea? Blade himself isn

Mark Russell and Roberto Meli''s newest series,Traveling to Mars, tells the story of former pet store manager Roy Livingston, who was declared terminally ill and therefore no expectation of returning. Roy is joined on his journey by Leopold and Albert, two Mars rovers equipped with artificial intelligence, who look upon the dying pet store manager as a dying god.

Peach Momoko''s 1:25 and 1:100 FOC tiered covers. "Mariko Yashida is torn between two worlds: the human world and the yokai dimension, a strange world filled with stranger creatures. "The denizens of the yokai dimension are dependent on Mariko''s help to avoid a war between two factions, one led by the Iron Samurai and his spider-like partner, and the other by a shield-wield

The campaign for FOC for Jim Zub and Jethro Morales is based on a Ryan Brown 1:25 tiered cover. "It''s not an urban legend, but an extraordinary young documentarian who will expose it all with some extra-powered help." MURDERWORLD is the wildly violent journey you''ve ever experienced. Gut-wrenching twists, unbelievable deaths, and the Avengers bloodier than you''ve ever seen them before.

Christopher Cantwell and Lan Medina have released #1 with 1:25 and 1:100 FOC covers. "Norman Osborn''s sins may have been cleansed, but his memories weren''t, and he''s done plenty of terrible things to remember. Norman''s worked hard to avoid all kinds "Goblin" and to stay on the straight and narrow. But when the media dub him the Gold Goblin, he must start wondering-can he ever escape from the Goblin inside?

#1 by Charles Soule and Steven Cummings has been added with 1:25 and 1:50 tiered covers for FOC. "The mysterious syndicate CRIMSON DAWN and its leader LADY QI''RA have become the galaxy''s most wanted criminals, as EMPEROR PALPATINE understands the scope of Qi''ra''s plans against him and moves to destroy her. But Qi''ra still has tricks up her sleeve, and with the help of the

#1 by Matteo Pizzolo and Carlos Granda is oversize, with 1:25 and 1:50 tied covers, and a Chuck D triptych for FOC. "What if a contested Presidential election slammed America? What if a violent Supreme Court, in strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, legitimized all militias, and transformed the entire country into a paramilitary police force? urging out police, militias, and the National Guard enforc

#1 by Jason Aaron and Alexandre Tefenkgi is available at Boom Studios with 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, and 1:200 tiered covers. "In this epic post-apocalyptic tale, Maceo and Mezzy will need all of the help they can get to survive a catastrophic event, and this epic trilogy-each issue will span a lifetime as philosophical differences tear at the threads holding Maceo and Mezzy together. "Will they, and the earth

"What happens when a couple of misfit teens order a pair of X-ray glasses, and realize they''ve received much more than they bargained for? "But all Kenny and Ted want is to avoid feeling like outcasts in their small Ohio town. Their own destiny starts out innocent enough, but when their bully disappears things take a cursed turn, with far more serious consequences than they imagined."

Cullen Bunn and Sally Cantirino make the first appearance with 1:10, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, and 1:100 tiered covers from Vault Comics, "the story of a motley crew traveling from town to town, knocking on doors. They''re the best at what they do, and they''re the worst. They''re all broken, but each one of them is shaken apart by horrific hidden doors. It opens their eyes to a world full of real monsters hidden

Damian Connelly''s new novel for Sumerian Comics, drawn by Matias San Juan, is "from the creator of You Promised Me Darkness." Emmet begins a very normal life until he discovers a strange video that leads him on a strange quest for a missing girl. A story about sex, violence, isolation, and disappointment."

With epic artwork by Tarzan newspaper artist Benito Gallego, this book promises to be a success for Tarzan fans as early as possible.

"And Then Emily Was Gone, The Standard, and Ben Pillar" are among the first films from AfterShock Comics, which has a 1:15 FOC cover. "When Ben Pillar and Eli Pryde were young, they performed something remarkable. They saved a young girl''s life and stopped a madman," said the pair, who lives in Tarragon Falls, in hopes of returning. "And then Emily Was Gone, and the Standard," he says. "All of them were heroes

#1 by Nicholas Black and Serg Acuna has been released from Scout Comics. "In the 24th century, a young girl named Rose discovers a place in an abandoned mall. She must learn to adapt if she wants to survive. Zed is a well-known bounty hunter. Will Rose make it?

The #1 by Chris Crosby and Thonny B. B is available for FOC in a 1:8 variant, which will be released by Keenspot on February 9th. After the ruling council disobeys her privacy and discovers she''s gay (a big no-no! ), Kalee escapes execution by being excluded from her home planet forever. But until an evil act forces Scorn to return to the place she once visited. Now it''s up to this former princess to teach her

What''''s on your FOC?

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