The Horror Story for Piggy Review: A Bold Exploration Of Fatphobia

The Horror Story for Piggy Review: A Bold Exploration Of Fatphobia

Piggy, directed by Carlota Martinez, is a stunning and brutal film based on inner and outside fatphobia, the moral dilemma in the justice Sara craves, and the pain she endures from being seen by someone she does not trust.

Sara escapes a snoop of gangs who torment her at the town pool and flees her with a stranger in his van. When the authorities investigate, she discovers the truth and protects the man who saved her.

Piggy navigates some rough but all-time tricky terrain towards the end of the film. The setting, the pool, and the warehouse are fantastic. Even though Sara may hope for that protection and admiration from someone so horrific, it does not end up going in that direction. It takes a few moments of reflection to see how profound it entails for Sara to be so sensitive and afraid to talk. Sara''s environment changes with her situation, and her feelings and color along with it. It''s pur sense of sadness at the end

As Sara dodges the questions and assumptions she reveals, Piggy does not depend on a constant flow of gore or visceral imagery. Instead, the film develops waves of tension and dread. Although this Spanish film reflects on growing up as a woman in a particular culture, it continues to display universal anguish many women experience. It is now available on VOD on October 14th.

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