Steven Luke and Star Hiram Murray on Inspirations in Operation Seawolf

Steven Luke and Star Hiram Murray on Inspirations in Operation Seawolf

When writer and director Steven Luke moved to Shout! Studios, he was able to tap into his skills as a historian and war veteran. Hiram A Murray (), who plays Capt Samuel L. Gravely Jr., was also joining him in the film, which focuses on Germany''s last days of World War II, and on launching a second ship, with the German Navy and the last remaining submarines, as part of its last mission to combat the United States homeland. Luke and Murray discussed how the film

Luke: My producer, Andre Relis, brought the idea to me, and he says, "Hey, Dolph wants to play a submarine captain." I said, "What do you get? You got a little story?" I said, "Let me put something together," and I presented it to him. I look at every corner.

I thought it would be great to start another side of the story by putting together a sketch and putting it all together. He was like, "I love this! I''m in, and I want to see you there," and he was able to get it done with you before the movie''s conclusion. It''s great to have an icon working with you when it comes to the movie. That''s how all of them came together.

Murray: What appealed to you about the film? I was never aware of the story of Samuel L Gravely and the USPS PC-1264. It was a no-brainer. It was probable that he would not have served. He opened the door as the first African-American vice admiral in the Navy, and later became the first African-American admiral. It was an opportunity to pay homage and honor to this guy.

Is there a possibility to provide some technical assistance on that issue? I used my military background, just the way I command myself and my fellow actors on set. I ensured that we kept our command and posture as the sailors would have been during that time period; I made sure everything was settled away. So yeah, in that aspect.

Frank is awesome and the true meaning of a teammate, even during takes. When cameras turned around, he even provided me marriage advice.

Steven, what kind of coordination did it take to get started with such a situation? Were there any other projects or films that provided a template for your or inspired by "Operation Seawolf"?

Luke: To answer the second part of your question, I''m not quite good at it. I like movies with cat-and-mouse like, "I''m moving here. You''re moving there. What are they going to do next?" Let''s learn some from this game. There''s something you''re like, "D-4, that''s a miss," and me, though, that is, mostly because I hate to limit confrontation. I like it by far, how you''re able to see

When you get to work with historical scenes, you get costumes and props that must be a certain way. Every film is very successful, and everything is coordinated to be smooth and effective. It takes a lot of pre-production to make happen because, with each film, you''ll be limited. But you have so many days to do what you need to do to create a delicate dance. That''s always the aim.

On October 25, the film, which plays Andrew Stecker and Apostolos Gliarmis, will be available on theaters and on-demand and on digital.

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