Over Gender Queer, a Conservative Teacher has been condemned, not why you think

Over Gender Queer, a Conservative Teacher has been condemned, not why you think

Oni Press has reported that a meeting of the Natrona County School Board in Casper, Wyoming, saw police step in and said, "I''ve seen pornography, I''m ashamed to say when I was a young man." This occurred as a result of the panel''s decision to keep the graphic novel and the novel in the Kelly Walsh High School library, which generally serves students aged 14 to 18.

A candidate for the Casper City Council accused Stephen Delger of being a paedophile. On this site, Paulson said, "That''s who is advocating for (keeping the books), People who believe 13, and 12 minor children are''discovering themselves.'' You literally just had a paedophile come and talk to you who told him he is a substitute teacher. He immediately told you he wants young children to discover who they are right now."

A police officer who took part in the meeting was then asked to intervene, for Paulson to be removed from the microphone, leaving Paulson to respond to Delger, with the words "OK, groomer."

Kelby Eisenman, an 18-year-old high school student, was "exhausted" by the triviality of the discussion about books, while Renea Redding, a candidate for the Natrona County School Board, stated that Trans Bodies and Trans Selves had been checked out so few times, "it shouldn''t be in the library under the policy of discarding unpopular books."

According to Oni Press'' interim director, the comic book legal defense fund (CCDA) has raised interest in "books designed for children aged 12 to 18" while political campaigns have found it an easy touch for "what about the children" to be soiled in local politics. Despite being recently dismissed, oni Press and Maia Kobabe were initially initially intended for younger audiences.

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