Season 5 of The Rookie: Getting Inside Rosalind's Mind

Season 5 of The Rookie: Getting Inside Rosalind's Mind

The first part of tonight''s big crossover event between ABC''s Nathan Fillion and Niecy Nash-Betts (beginning Sunday, October 16th, and ending on Tuesday, October 18, 18th) has already been tipped off, causing Nolan (Nathan Fillion) to face a difficult no-win situation. In the following preview, we get a chance to see Nolan (Fillion) and the team to assess Bailey''s situation and realize that Rosalind has another aco

Here''s a sneak peek at a preview of tonight''s ABC episode, followed by a special message from Fillion and Dewan

It''s the first step in getting inside Rosalind''s mind. See how everything goes down tonight at 10/9c on ABC!

The Rookie (@therookie) will be available on October 16, 2022.

Fillion presents Dewan as a guest in an Instagram post and shares how eager he is for viewers to see what Dewan''s Bailey has to offer. Dewan claims that the situation she encounters has two very real worries she has (and we hope you can figure out at least one of them from the previously-released images). Here''s another thing:

A post by The Rookie (@therookieabc)

The Rookie and The Rookie: Feds Crossover Event Gets a Look

Rosalind returns with a vengeance, and Bailey''s life is left hanging in the balance. After a hectic schedule, the LAPD and the FBI summon forces, and Officer John Nolan is forced to make a deadly decision. The first episode of the two-part crossover was directed by Bill Roe.

When the team asks for Simone (Nash-Betts) and Laura, they discover critical information about the suspect''s father''s abusive relationship. During this lead, Laura and her former colleague fly across the scene to debate the killer''s motive. Nick Hurwitz''s second episode of the two-part crossover was written by David Boullet.

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