In 2023, Outlanders will be released on PC

In 2023, Outlanders will be released on PC

Pomelo Games, an Indie publisher, has announced that they will be releasing their new PC on PC sometime in 2023. It''s a goal of being able to have hard-working people collaborate to maintain their village while maintaining living reality. Best we can tell, the game will be the same as it was on mobile, with a few improvements here and there to make it work on Steam. Enjoy the trailer below as we wait for a release date.

"people who are different in nature, with dreams, and desires. They cannot be controld directly. Instead, you place buildings, manage resources, and declare the number of work spots in each building, then watch the Outlanders themselves decide who takes the job, which house they inhabit, and which building to build. This way, you can nudge them in the wrong direction by ignoring the rules of the game, by passing decrees, which allows things to be longer working hours and reduced resource consumption. However, you should follow these instructions regularly

The '''' campaign offers a range of complex mission-based levels, each with its own individual goals and story, while new building and mechanics are unlocked organically throughout. When challenges and attempts become too difficult, you may take a detour to the Sandbox mode, where creativity is the new leader in town. You may play with the whole catalog of buildings and mechanics right off the bat, and customize them accordingly. The only limitation here is your imagination.

The journey of is just beginning. As new leaders continue coming from far away to share their stories, and new ways of playing and sharing your experiences are emerging on the horizon, the changing landscape of possibilities becomes even greater."

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