Rytmos is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch next year

Rytmos is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch next year

Floppy Club, an Indie developer, has announced that their new rhythm game will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2023. It is in these locations that you will be playing tunes set to the beat of Ethiopian Jazz, German Electronic, and other genres in order to solve puzzles in tune to the rhythm. There is also a fun trailer to show you below.

"Every planet players travel to presents a set of six-line puzzles to solve. Each of these puzzles requires players to pass through sound emitters before returning to the start point in order to form a musical loop. The game''s progress through each cubic cosmos gives players the chance to become musicians themselves. Instruments such as the Kalimba, Vibraphone, and even classic 1980s synthesizers can be used to disrupt complex musical tracks.

Rytmos has been developed by Floppy Club in celebration of world music, to educate and inspire people on the musical history of music, and to give a better understanding of it. Throughout their journey through the stars, players will discover a wide spectrum of solar systems that combine influences from different cultures, including from Ethiopian Jazz, Germany''s famous electronic music wave of the 1980s, and many others. "We strive to bring you a meditative experience that is geared towards boosting and motivating them to listen to new

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