Memories of Morality & Shame in Interview with Season 1 of the Vampire

Memories of Morality & Shame in Interview with Season 1 of the Vampire

The third installment of AMC''s "Is My Very Nature That of a Devil" was a series of intense and built-up unease. The episode is yet another reminder of the ongoing question of nature versus nurture is simply killing an instinct, or can a vampire escape it? Morality vs. Shame.

Louis ponders if there is a greater purpose to being a vampire, as opposed to what Lestat continues to do: it''s to enjoy themselves. This makes me wonder whether or not he enjoys the chaos and constant contradiction that Louis has created in his life, or if he is beginning to regret making a difference, by proposing a creature refusing to swim or a bird refusing to fly.

At some point, Molloy (Eric Bogosian) cuts back to the present and calls out Louis on the changes in the story from when he first told it in 2022 in Dubai, not just the minute details, but the seemingly complete rewrite from what was originally related. However, Louis states that this is the more specific version of the events that transpired, and that this brings us back to the toxicity levels of the relationship between Louis and Lestat. Louis also calls it the abuser-abused-abus

In a display of understanding, Molloy then removes the tapes and recordings. This was a very powerful moment given that they are both willing and finally acknowledging the past behind them and moving forward with the truth (or a new "truth"). It appears to be a better understanding between the two after last week''s episode, and Molloy is finally willing to tell Louis the story he now fully remembers.

The relationship between Louis and Lestat has gotten a different degree of toxicity: a settlement between the vampires and their shared passion. This quickly becomes an issue: loyalty vs. sanctioned loyalty and playing around. We also see another instance in which Louis is confused about his recollections of events. He describes Lestat as "a lot, not perfect." However, things do not appear like they are ok once he gets home.

Louis has decided to go back to his family once more after six months, and is left unconcerned by his sister''s conviction. He does not do much to make it look like it isn''t, and honestly ignores things a bit. This couple finds Lestat to be a cruel individual.

Another instance of dissemination, jealousy, and hypocrisy where he can fool around and makes Louis feel bad for doing so after they both agreed that it is okay as long as they return home to each other. He even brings back the words Louis used to describe him to his old flame and admits to having stalked him while at the Bayou. It is because Lestat took his life, and now he has nothing even his family.

The violence in Storyville escalates and the Azalea is slain to a toast. But at the end, Louis seems to be a shot at redemption as he assist someone who he calls "his Claudia." I cannot wait to be introduced to Claudia and how she will fit in the little dysfunctional home they have. Bailey Bass!

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