Robin is still on the top spot in The Daily LITG, the 17th of October, and the 2022 season

Robin is still on the top spot in The Daily LITG, the 17th of October, and the 2022 season

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Yesterday''s LITG: Straight Robin Cancellation in the Top Ten Claims

ICYMI: In case you missed it

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  • Conservative Teacher Condemned Over Gender Queer, not Why You Think
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  • Dwayne Johnson Guest Stars in Thank FOC On Sunday, 16th October 2022
  • First Killmonger & First Black Panther Solo Story in Jungle Action #6
  • Sarah Mensinga Sells Kindred Serpents Graphic Novel For Over $100,000
  • The Third Appearance Of Marvel Comics'''' Man-Thing
  • Straight Males, Sales Fail, in The Daily LITG, 16th of October, 2022

LITG one year ago, Bewitched

DC Future State and Pokemon GO were all in existence two years ago.

The Daily LITG, 17th October 2020, DC Future State and Pokemon GO

The Justice League was ahead of the gane after LITG three years ago.

Scott, Jean, and Logan were all superheroes'' first throuple.

  • Did Justice League #34 Just Spoil the Next Month-and-a-Half of DC Comics (Spoilers)
  • Flash Forward #2 Rewrites Heroes In Crisis the Heroes Wally West Killed and His Timelost Kids (Spoilers)
  • Check Out Scott, Jean and Logan''''s Living Arrangements in X-Men #1 (Spoilers)
  • Exactly How Batman Failed Alfred Pennyworth, Amongst Others Batman #81 Spoilers
  • Frank Miller Tells Us Whether Superman or Clark Kent is the Disguise in Superman Year One: Book Three (Spoilers)
  • Carmen Carnero Draws X-Corp a New X-Men Comic From Marvel in February 2020
  • DC Comics Teases Upcoming Crisis 2020 in Today''''s Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Knightfall
  • How Will Kevin Feige''''s Marvel Promotion Affect C.B. Cebulski''''s Position as Editor-In-Chief?
  • "American Horror Story: 1984" "Red Dawn" Means Final Battle What?!?
  • Could New Comics Overlord Kevin Feige Kill the Marvel Universe?
  • Lesbian Sex on a Church Altar Between a Vampire and a Nun? Is Vampirella #4 Trying to Get a Moral Majority Petition Against It?
  • Marvel Shocker: Kevin Feige Takes Over Comics as New Chief Creative Officer
  • Hold Your Horses on Carmen Carnero''''s X-Corp
  • A Slightly More Sober Look at Tonight''''s Marvel Executive Changes How Will This Affect the TV and Comics?
  • Speculator Corner: Is Director Devo From X-Men #1 From Uncanny X-Men #467 or Not?

Stephen Colbert murdered Black Label at LITG four years ago.

Cyclops was once again in the works.

Comic Book birthdays today.

Right now, there might be somewhat more of a party atmosphere. It all depends on which state you live in. But comics folk are still aging and celebrating that special date with twelve years for us.

  • Henry Flint, 2000AD comic book creator.
  • Adrian Kinnaird, Co-Publisher, Editorial Director at Earth''''s End Publishing
  • creator Gibson Grey

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