Season 9 Review of Beavis and Butthead: Enough New to Stay Relevant

Season 9 Review of Beavis and Butthead: Enough New to Stay Relevant

The incredibly powerful character of Mike Judge is that they have become the exception to slip through the #MeToo movement under the guise of being "those who "never score" 99% of time on Beavis. In the ''90s, Butt-Head gives out the punishment 99 percent of the time. The fact that the couple''s sole aim is to make subtle but meaningful changes.

Beavis and Butt-Head''s middle-aged counterparts are the first to take a more severe lead in the season, as he''s not taking a job as a caretaker for his children due to their natural sedentary lifestyle. Another episode, "Kidney," takes a deeper turn with Beavis, who is troubled by their doctor''s desire to hang out and interact with them. Another episode, "Kidney," takes a deeper turn with Be

The remainder of the season is still played by the original teenager selves and some promising new characters, such as Glennis (Kosha Patel), a tense female classmate who takes an interest in Beavis, but he''s too late to notice. Unfortunately, none of the characters in Van Driessen appears to be a one-off, unlike Coach Buzzcut. We do also see one of Judge''s teacher characters returning as Beavis and Butt-Head''s neighbor Tom Anderson

The Judge has a wealth of other talents to work with, including Patel, who played Piotr Michael, Toby Huss, Ross Marquand, and Chi McBride. Several of the most impressive events are inside-the-box ones, like "Weird Girl," which featured Patel''s Glennis, and "Nice Butt-Head," where medication changes Butt-Head''s personality much to Beavis'' displeasure. In "The Special

Beavis reached an epiphany after seeing what resembles Jesus on his nacho and seeks guidance from various religious authorities to discover why he never "scores." We get a classic Iron Man-related spiel from Kind''s rabbi.

The combination of reality-based Tik-Tok videos and music videos acts as a compromise between MTV season eight and the rotation of musical plays during the original run. It''s nothing really groundbreaking, as Judge just openly riffs, but he definitely scores some points. We do see Beavis disappoint Butt-Head in new ways with new dance moves and passion for K-Pop, which serve as memorable moments. It would be nice if Butt-Head wasn''t the straight man most of

The current season of gives us a sense of refinement, given that while the world has changed, haven''t (okay, maybe a little) and that''s pretty refreshing. Judge can always get saltier with the language and more graphic with blood, guts, and even nudity, but he remains connected to what made fans connect with the duo. Here''s hoping that in the next season, we will see more classic characters back and learn more because a regular visit to Judge''s universe is always in

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