Will Speculators Spectify Booher & Shehan's Specs, Or WhatNot?

Will Speculators Spectify Booher & Shehan's Specs, Or WhatNot?

Aftermarket launched a number of limited series and one shots at IDW in 2019. He followed the process up with at Dark Horse while picking up work on Boom Studios'' and adapting Joe Hill''s novella for Image Comics.

Booher''s next series was originally scheduled at New York Comic-Con 2021 at Source Point Press. Specs follows the story of two best friends who discover a pair of Magic Specs that will grant its wearer wishes and unintended consequences. So, although it''s not surprising, and again as we previously reported, has moved to Boom Studios.

Boom''s recent hit wave, and the series'' clear appeal to Stranger Things enthusiasts, are preparing to be another breakout book for Boom.

Booher''s is still a speculator/collector favourite that often fetches between $60 and $100 raw, while graded copies of the series can sell for $370, $400, and even $600. Are there any signs that speculators are spec-ing on?

Despite being later printeds and series, Boom has been working with WhatNot on covers for many occasions, and Booher has become a trusted mainstay on the platform. Can we expect a WhatNot exclusive for Specs that will improve and extend Canto''s aftermarket success?

From what I''m hearing, orders for #1 are already higher than any of the Canto launches or Killer Queens, but they''re likely to be under-estimated by retailers. Will the series get the Boom Bump when Final Order Cutoff closes tonight? Or will Booher be Booher''s next aftermarket chase book?

Consider this your order to pre-order #1 today, Monday, the 17th of October, so you don''t have to pay a premium on eBay when it comes on November 9th.

SEP220369 (W) David M. Booher (A) Chris Shehan (CA) Skylar Patridge In this mysterious new series from author David M. Booher (Canto, All-New Firefly) and artist Chris Shehan (House of Slaughter, what happens when a couple of misfit teens mail-order a pair of X-ray glasses, and realize they''ve received far more than they expected? In Shops: Nov 09, 2022 SRP:

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