Conan is getting a license from Marvel Comics

Conan is getting a license from Marvel Comics

I did a little digging at a fan page on Facebook that did it, with a well-connected fan listing a conan cover by Esad Ribic as his last. At the Lake Como Comic Art Festival, I did a bit of research.

Conan comic books were published by Dark Horse Comics in the seventies and nineties, according to the author. From 2019 onwards, Marvel will now license him, as well as include him with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

In many parts of Europe, C is in the public domain, as Robert E Howard died in 1936, and here work is in the public domain 70 years after the author''s death. However, the United States has a 95-year limit for anything published after 1922, which still covers Howard''s work. However, there have been a lot of disagreement about the different versions of the work, including the copyright extensions necessary before 1978, and more that have been blown down.

Conan Properties International has republished the Conan comics in the United States, but only under the name Cimmerian, not infringing trademark use. Both companies are controlled by CEO Fredrik Malmberg, who previously co-founded Swedish role-playing game companyTarget Games and CEO of Paradox Entertainment. Both companies have and are also owning rights toand.

Bleeding Cool understands that this corporation, or new owners, now wish to publish Conan comic books themselves. I understand however that this will not impact the Backstock of Marvel Comics that will continue to publish. That that would not affect Conan''s number 5, but the number 6, which will be released on July 4.

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