I'm a fan of Fairyland. Joe Madueira, Jenny Frison, and Artgerm Join I'm a fan of Fairyland

I'm a fan of Fairyland. Joe Madueira, Jenny Frison, and Artgerm Join I'm a fan of Fairyland

Skottie Young''s 2016 Image Comics series has been relaunched on Substack for the previous year, ahead of next week''s FOC for the print version (again from Image Comics) and he has brought a few friends for some Final Order Cut-off. On his Substack newsletter, he has given them to great pleasure, including Joe Madureira, Jenny Frison, and Stanley ''Artgerm.'' Lau.

1.Joe Madureira

"Flashback back when my best friend Cory and I drove from Tennessee to Chicago to see my family and see the first Wizard World Chicago." Both of us had never had a great convention, and each of them got one of our #1 comic books. Battle Chasers by Joe Mad, J. Scott Campbell, and Crimson by Humberto Ramos. Joe was a constant source of inspiration and guidance when starting my business, but today, I have become friends with all three of them.

2.Jenny Frisson

Jenny, you know what she wants to say about Jenny? Tons. Jenny is a great person and we share a very clever story. I''ll keep it as brief as I can. A billion years ago I was at Mega Con and a young Jenny Frison was stopped by my table showing her work and talking about getting into comics. I apologized and said, "I really wanted to be a cover artist." I invited her to our weekly drawing Drink and Draws, where she met one of today''s top artists in

3.Stanley ''''Artgerm'''' Lau

"Let me tell you about ArtgermI don''t know anything about him at all! I mean, I know he''s a badass artist but we have never met. I''m an old man and constantly keep working on his stuff, but I couldn''t seem to meet him up enough to have him get involved in the fun. And, yes, I was okay with him, because I wasn''t comfortable with being a superhero.

Hopefully, he''ll have additional retail exclusive variant covers. I wonder if any will have acetate?

SKOTTIE YOUNG, an axecrazed writer from Marvel''s Rocket & Groot, returns the hit comic I HATE FAIRYLAND for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Final Orders due on November 16, 2022: $3.99

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