Season 4 of The Boys has the highest five "Absolute Bat S**t Insanity" moment?

Season 4 of The Boys has the highest five "Absolute Bat S**t Insanity" moment?

You''ll know that after seeingAmazon and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke''s, things have progressed well, with viewers introduced to two new supes just last week. Kripke now is testing in to let fans know that as far as "absolute bat shit insanity that we spent money on," the new season will not disappoint. Taking on Twitter, Kripke revealed that he just completed testing a sequence that not only appears to meet the show''s

"I''m curious if Season Four of [The Boys''] gets a high bar of crazy, so I just saw a sequence that is easily a Top 5 moment in terms of absolute bat shit insanity that we spent money on. I love my job," Kripke wrote in his tweet update, which you can see below:

If your mind is concerned about whether Season Four of #TheBoys hits that high bar of crazy, here''s how I see it. I got a sequence that''s easily a Top 5 moment in terms of absolute bat shit insanity that we spent heavily on. I am so thankful for my work. #TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo @SPTV

Eric Kripke (@therealKripke) on October 17, 2022

Let''''s Meet Sister Sage & Firecracker!

Two supes have signed up for Homelander last week, and then the streaming series has Sister Sage ("She''s already a thousand steps ahead of you"), played by Valorie Curry (). The two supes are listed as appearing in the fourth season opener, S04E01 "Department of Dirty Tricks." Here''s a look:

Eric Kripke, the showrunner for The Boys, discusses Season 4 and Beyond.

In his interview with Butcher (Urban), Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Soldier Boy (Ackles), and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) in July, Kripke covered a slew of topics (check out the full full interview with a slew of other details here).

Should we be expecting Ryan to be "Brightburn"? "Ryan is a really important part of the story because he''s half Becca and half Homelander. That''s why it''s possible that if Homelander wins the kid over, then there''s two Homelanders. It''s like a child drama with apocalyptic stakes. So that will be a real rich story moving forward."

What we''re talking about about Butcher is that he has so much to do so he hasn''t done it. And what we''re discovering about Butcher is, is he self-aware enough to see if he can change? These are some of the interesting conversations we''re beginning to have.

Maeve''s Leaving Will Make Things Tougher Until She Returns? "I don''t think ''The Boys'' will conclude once more. We decided to do this instead of killing Maeve, and we didn''t want her to kill her. We did that because Annie could not really make her own, and she isn''t even capable of living through the fight anymore. So, here''s how we can see her and do it.

Black Noir Is Dead! Long Live Black Noir! "Without spoiling anything, I will just say this: If you notice in the flashbacks of this season, it was a different actor [Fritzy-Klevans Destine], and perhaps the reason we did that is so that if we were to recast Noir, we might recast him with Nathan [Mitchell, the original actor].

Just because Soldier Boy''s on Ice Doesn''t Mean He Can''t Return Right? "The old TV adage is like, never kill anyone unless you really, really have to. Never close a door, open a window. We''ll all have to wait and see, but I''m unable to imagine the ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance."

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