The Tarkov Arena Twitter Profile Has Been Opened

The Tarkov Arena Twitter Profile Has Been Opened

A quick up. While Tarkov ARG deserves all of attention, Battlestate Games has officially booted up the Twitter profile for. Based on its following list, it is a word about an official Twitter profile that has just been booted up.

The official Arena profile uses the name @tarkovarena. Known Escape From Tarkov streamers have already followed and tweeted at the profile. The Tarkov Arena profile hasn''t yet tweeted anything yet, although it is likely to do so very soon due to the increase in attention.

tarkovarena''s tweets

It''s a planned team-based first-person tactical shooter in the Tarkov universe, where players will be able to participate in very quick and challenging shootouts like CS GO. Apart from the last team standing phenomenon, the game mode will have its unique objectives.

Think of CS GOorValorant. Think ofRainbow Six Siegetoo, where the goal is more important than running around for kills. The objectives are the reason for winning rounds. Im excited to see what kind of Objectives there will be, besides fighting till the last breath.

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