Season 1 of The Rookie: Feds: Crossover Has Arrived Deadly Conclusion

Season 1 of The Rookie: Feds: Crossover Has Arrived Deadly Conclusion

Without getting too much into spoilers about Sunday night''s ABC episode Nathan Fillion-starring, let''s simply say that the bad news is that Rosalind Dyer (Annie Wersching) may not be a big deal in the future. So, here''s what you should know about her very deadly shadow (Niecy Nash-Betts) and the team on. Because as you''re about to see from the following previews for S01E04 "To Die For," our killer is

Here''s a look at what''s going ahead with two recently-released moments of the deadly universe crossover event, as Simone makes it her objective to deny the killer:

"More death is coming," says the president. Can the Federal Reserve discover the suspect before he claims further deaths? Find out tomorrow as the Rookie crossover event continues on an all-new #TheRookieFeds!

Feds (@TheRookieFeds) October 17, 2022

Here''s a look at Season 1 of The Rookie: Feds "To Die For"

Season 1 of The Rookie: Feds "To Die For": When the team asks Simone (Nash-Betts) and Laura about their abusive relationship, it returns to Tucson to save the suspect''s latest aim. Meanwhile, tensions swirl between Laura and her former colleague as they debate the killer''s motive. Nick Hurwitz''s second episode of the two-part crossover

Producers for ABC''s include Christopher "Cutty" Clark, Christopher "Crater Hope," Britt Robertson, and Kevin Zegers, who play Brendon Acres. Alexi Hawley, Bill Norcross, Corey Miller, Michael Goi, and Bibby Dunn are both executive producers. Entertainment One (eOne) is the leading studio and international distributor of a co-production with ABC Signature (part of Disney Television Studios).

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