Triple H will miss WWE tapings this week due to COVID-19

Triple H will miss WWE tapings this week due to COVID-19

COVID-19 is still prevalent in the world, even though we have experienced a very long range from the worldwide pandemic in 2020. As he arrives home, despite everyone''s cavalier attitude.

Triple H has tested positive for COVID and will not be backstage running things at tonight''s in Oklahoma City or at WWE''s other shows this week. According to the site, "Levesque is said to be feeling well and in good spirits but will be away from his in-person WWE duties until he has cleared the industry''s current protocol. We are told he has been in contact with the company''s producers and writers and feels well about the creative team heading into tonight''s, which would be the first without him

On Twitter, Dave Meltzer of Triple H''s COVID situation has been confirmed.

Paul Levesque tested positive for COVID. Will not be at tonight''s Raw in Oklahoma City or New York City tomorrow.

Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) October 17, 2022

Triple H will not be present in person this week to monitor the events following such a recent crowd-pleasing hot streak. It''s also important that he maintains his health and attains a 100 percent return. This day, he survived a cardiac failure that left him feeling a defibrillator in his chest, though his wrestling days have passed.

Triple H''s best wishes go out, and here''s hoping he''ll return early next week.

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